Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rapid KL LIED!! TIPU!!

I have been a Rapid KL user since the days of Intrakota and Star LRT. Yes, that roughly tells you how long I had relied on public transport to move around KL. I mean the infrequent train and the rise in fares had affected me in a bad way but it's still bearable. The cost of taking the bus home had risen from a mere RM40++ for RM2 daily bus pass to RM100 for a bus pass. This doesn't include the train rides I take.

To make it worse, they boast LIED in their brochures that "SAVE 50% on fares when you buy passes". I think the brochures should be rewritten as "YOU PAY EXTRA 100% on fares even when you buy passes" or "WE EARN DOUBLE FROM PASS SALES". Well I still lived on with it despite having to wait for hours at bus stops for buses which seems to always have their display light malfunctioned, looking at buses passing by and not stopping at all, enduring dirty buses, bear with abusive rude drivers who scolds passengers "bodoh", "babi" etc, sitting on dirty LRT seats which causes rashes after that and not forgetting the hike in bus and train fares.

Then came their latest cheating marketing gimmick. This is one of the exact messages they posted on twitter "RapidKL: It's here! Come check out the new 4-car train. Walk away with free 'Integrated rapidpass' when you ride the new 4-car train today!". Then I asked because I bloody spend my time staying in the train. Guess how they answer me? "@kellaw85 We did say `if you're lucky'." Lucky my foot!!! Can you show me where the fuck is that 'if you're lucky' message? So does this constitute to cheating which I could bring to the consumer tribunal? Any experts wants to give me advice on this? Say people takes the ride just to win the pass and found it's just a gimmick to boost their sales of ticket. Do we have a case here?

I think I should really lodge a complain with the KPDNKK? Or maybe write a letter to all the newspaper columns. Yes I am pissed because of this cheating strategy used by a government supported company.

Click for bigger image or view on twitpic here and here

Rapid ran into damage control after I posted this blog and went on rampage on twitter and facebook by saying "The free passes were distributed randomly today by our team members, especially those on the first few train runs. Tks for trying, though.". So they were distributed randomly. So how did they know I am not on the first few trains? and that is for 4 bloody hours. So random that none hit me? That is not the question here anyway. The question is if it's given out randomly, then why the fuck say "Walk away with free 'Integrated rapidpass' when you ride the new 4-car train today!"? From the message it is said you will walk away with free pass if and when you ride the train. It didn't bloody mention "first few trains" or "randomly"

Want more proof? Here is a pic my friend posted for the sms he received this morning. The link here. Courtesy of Tekong or visit his blog at
The exact message my friend sent me "@kellaw85 I receive the SMS from @myrapidkl, with that exact phrase in your blog, but without "If you're lucky" "

Updates: Their Group Communication General Manager called me up and apologized for their twitter mis-communication. Given the explanation, I accepted their apology. Anyway I got the nice note, a "I love rapid kl, take public transport" landyard and a calender in my mailbox after that. I think they are real fast in righting their wrongs. Actually one of the fastest I ever had who came back to me when I have any complains. Keep up the good job guys. I will continue to support public transports.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hannah Tan charity concert with something "indecent"

Yes I know this is 1 week late but with my sucky connection, I am glad I could finally post this up. Yes count the lack of a DSLR in too. I never bothered to edit my pics as they are too hard to edit now. Right now I will let the pictures do the talking. and yes the best thing is somewhere in between if you are looking for "it". Slowly find la you guys. hahaha.

See the red pass over there? It's what got me stuck in the front doors for half an hour. Just because someone forgot to put my name on the list...-___-"

Yes in the end i got it and I am in with the media pass(so called vip lo)

See the amount of people? Scared yet?

Outside the hall. Still a lot of people there

The kids which this concert was held for

A video to start the concert

The opening host Pietro Felix and..apa nama... damm I forgotten. So screw streamyx. Remind me if you remember ya?

Shawn Lee beat box performance. No need drums. Just a mike will do. He has the portable drum in his throat.

See how many people? The front rows are for vips and performing artists. Ermmm bloggers also in front le. hahaha

Opening singer. Dunno who also but he sings damm well ok?

Beat box with dancers

Finally Hannah Tan came out

Hannah again..."I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!"

I took this pic because of the video showing at the back screen. That's the children we are giving all our gifts to.

Hannah Tan continues to sing till sore throat.

Close up shot. That's the nearest I could go. Any closer I will need to be on the stage. Then not good la if she ask me to sing right?

Hannah Tan and the Japanese Ambassador

Oh yes. He can sing too. Damm well if you asked me. In malay some more.

Hannah back with the mic.

Another close up

This is ermmm... I can't remember again. Sigh....

Liang singing

Liang, David and Pietro. It's a fork damm it. Not a spoon Pietro...

Jojo Struys. Hey sorry for the dark pic. I wanted to take more. You moved too fast. Mine lousy cam ma. I promise next time I see you sure I will take one with you ok?

Atilia... and guess what? She had been sitting right behind me all the time and I didn't notice it.. Talk about blurr.

So the close up. Hahaha.

Innuendo or is it Innuen-duo. hahaha

Here we have the Malaysian Vanessa Mae Malaysian version ok?

Another one. See la they so into the playing their instrument.

Vanessa Mae and Kenny G Malaysian version. Kenny G too busy to be in Malaysia. hahaha.

Daphne Iking who came with her cute little daughter. Too bad I never take any pic. My bad camera phone no more battery cause I didn't charge over the night.

And now what some are waiting for. The grand finale. look at the screen. See something familiar? No! It's not what you think it is. It's our Malaysian Kenny G's head la. Don't be dirty minded ok?

Friday, December 25, 2009


Wishing all my readers a Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Avatar Review

Yes I know I should have come up with this during the weekend but the weekend is full. So last Thursday I went for the Avatar screening courtesy of Nuffnang. Yes I watch it for free! but..but.. the screening starts at 9.30 and ends at 12.30. By the time it finishes, I took a cab all the way home from 1 Utama and the cab fees came to about 50 bucks. Yes I know I can watch the movie twice in 3D and still have enough for a decent meal.
WARNING! Not so Spoiler ahead

So what's the big hoo haa about the movie? Well lets start off by saying it's the most expensive movie ever made to date. So what's the movie all about? It's setting is somewhere in the future where space travel was common and humans screw up the earth so much so that they need to get new resources called unobtainium (the name is a hint of what will happen later in the movie) from another planet.
Somehow they manage to find this distant star 4+ light years away and it has an earth like moon(I mean earth LIKE cause the air is poisonous to humans) called Pandora. Yes we are gonna open up a whole can of worms later. This Pandora is full of life forms and full of unobtainium with the highest concentrations in the area populated by human like creatures named Na'vi. They are double the size of humans. "How come you see battles in the preview/teaser and why most of them are about the men and women in blue? How come they got guns one? How come? How come? Then why is the title avatar?" Now comes the good part.
Avatar refers to a representation(usually pic) of a real person. So what does that have to do here? You see we humans are real clever at times. We create beings using human and the Na'vi genetics to create a hybrid being which can be controlled by humans living in pods. Yes the human can be outside there without having to be physically there. These hybrid beings are used to infiltrate the colony and later try to convince the natives to shift their nest (pindah sarang tau? phun thau faham?) to somewhere else as what the humans need is right below their nest called the HomeTree (you should know from the name that it's a bloody large tree ok?)
But wait. How you expect the whole colony to be shifted because humans wants the minerals? You ask politely? Surely a fail plan. Why? Because every location a stone throw away is the Na'vi sacred grounds. See they know how to take care of their environment better than use humans. No they don't need plastic bags. All they need is bows and arrows and a birdie called banshee/Ikran (not iklan ok?) for them to ride. So what do humans do? The bloody mineral is 20 million for a kg. If diplomacy wouldn't work, time to go the hard way.
But wait there are humans in the avatar program. What will they do after being with the Na'vi for such a long time, learning their ways of life. And bows and arrows against guns and aircrafts? What are the odds? What will happen next? Go spend some money and watch it yourself at the cinema nearest to you ok? I will surely go again for this movie but this time will be for the 3D one.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Samsung Jet S8003 vs iPhone 3GS

My friend in the office who owned an iPhone 3GS had asked me to write up a fair comparison between the 2 phones. The Samsung Jet is said to be the iPhone 3GS killer but is that so? I took my friends phone and played with it for the whole day and here is what supposed to be a fair comparison between both phones.

In my opinion from the review of both phones, I found that there are certain features which are better than the other. This is a rough guide on the comparison. Be reminded that mine is a Samsung Jet S8003 and not S8000.

In terms of camera, the iPhone has a 3 mega pixel cam compared to the Jet's 5 mp camera with dual flash and anti shaker which I think isn't functional from the blurred pictures in my last post. The battery and talktime is nearly the same so there is no need to mention about both but there had been sites which offers a better battery life on he iPhone. We didn't test till both phone runs out of battery so I can't be sure of this.

In terms of size and weight, the iPhone's dimension is 115.5mm x 62.1 mm x 12.3 mm, 135 grams compared to Jet's 108.8mm x 53.5mm x 11.9mm, 110 grams. The iPhone is slightly larger and heavier but it comes with a 3.5inch display as compared to Jet's 3.1 inch. I see it as a give and take between the size and the screen. One difference is the amoled which saves more energy but works badly when held under sunlight. The edge the iPhone has over the Jet is that it supports multitouch. The 2 finger zoom had it's advantage in comparison as the Jet's 1 finger zoom always gives the problem of accidentally going into zoom mode when you want to click on links and stuff on the browser. There is also the missing iPhone copy and paste function in Jet.

In terms of connectivity, both supports Wi-Fi and bluetooth although I failed miserable when trying to transfer data through bluetooth on the iPhone. There seems to be a lot of catching up in bluetooth which according to what my friend said had been an existing problem with iPhones. In iPhone the switching between Wi-Fi and GSM networks are done automatically compared to manually changed through profiles in Jet. There is a pro and con in both. On Jet, it's the hassle on manual changes while on iPhone, you risk paying for data usage bill if you are not careful. The iPhone also supports more frequency bands than Jet.

Jet has a build in FM radio receiver(only functional with a headset) which supports sound surround and it also supports Java which is not in the iPhone. One not of course is the problem faced in Jet is that certain Java programs could not be run and requires additional 3rd party software to run. In terms of applications there is the apps store for iPhone which of course requires money but the Jet has it's own widgets which is not that extensive compared to the apps store for iPhone. It had been "rumored" that Samsung will come up with an Apps store soon but hell knows when will that be.

iPhone supports voice control to play music and dialling but the Jet supports motion control for music and gesture for speed dialing. It boils down to what is more suitable for you in this case. Both has the 3.5mm universal jack for earphones. The build in memory for iPhone is 16 or 32 GB while the Jet has a 2 GB memory expandable up to 16 GB(written, tested with 32GB and works perfectly fine) with the micro SD card. For the comparison for both, the iPhone seems to have much more good on the go internal memory but in the Jet, it's about portability where I can just plug out the memory card and use it on my PC card reader. Again, it all depends on what you prefer.

The video playback on both is 30 frames per sec but Jet supports extra video formats. In terms of browser, the iPhone wins hands down. Jet comes with the dolphin browser which supports up to 5 pages(tabs) and flash but lacks the functionality there. It is said that Opera could be used on Jet but I have not tried it yet. If it's true, we might have a competition here. The speed? 800Mhz on Jet and 600Mhz on the iPhone. It's true that the 800 might look impressive but a comparison is that it allows multitasking but at the same time slows your phone. On iPhone, there seems to be less lag.

In terms of OS, both uses their proprietary OS. It's consider safer on iPhone as it controls the software used but it also comes with a price. The amount of messages you can keep in Jet is limited(500) compared to the limitless(limited by phone memory of course) amount. In terms of 3G, iPhone seems to have the lead with double the lead supporting 7.2Mbps HSDPA compared to 3.2Mbps in Jet. Jet has the support of micro USB data cable for transfer. In the iPhone you have the digital compass but in Jet there is no where to be found. The only thing close to it is in the *#0*# in the sensor test(#) compass.

And finally of course it's the price we are all concerned about. Jet is half the price of an iPhone 3GS if you haven't already know yet.

Note:- This review is written to give a hopefully fair comparison between both the phones for users before they choose to buy and decide what suits them better. It's in no terms to condemn one phone over the other. The specifications here are correct at the time of posting.

A Chip Off The Old Block - 巴不得爸爸 episode 8-13 downloads

The Episode links here

Episode 8
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Episode 13

Note: The links provided are hosted from a third party server and is found using a search engine. I do not host the movies nor am I going to be responsible for the content and misuse by users.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Samsung Jet Review

It's nearly 2 weeks now since I get my free Samsung Jet courtesy of Samsung of course. So what are the goods and bads of the phone? We will get to that in a while more.
In terms of weight, it's just a little heavier compared to my old obsolete Samsung SGH-U700 which I had been wanting to change because the slide motion keeps on killing the ribbon. Of course Jet is so much lighter than my old brick sized Nokia N-90 which had expired it's term of service before I got the UGH-700.

The new Jet has the much needed Wi-Fi in today's wireless environment. I don't need to rely on the old Wap to get connected. Just hop on to anywhere with Wi-Fi connection and I am good to go. For places without Wi-Fi, there is always the good old Wap with an extra that the phone supports 3G also. It comes with it's own browser. One bad thing I hate about this browser is that there is no close button. You might think you have closed it and start using your camera only to realize you have to close your browser but how to close when there is no "X" button? Photographers and bloggers will tell you the importance of mili seconds when you wanna snap a pic and that moment just pass by with "please close your browser first". Other than that the speed is good.

The display is so much better with 16 million colors which I doubt the eyes can distinguish much difference there. It's good for viewing movies and pictures on the go. The screen uses AMOLED displayn which saves power giving it a longer lasting duration between recharges. Since it's a touchscreen, it's only obvious that the screen size is much bigger than the other few phones I have had. The only bad side with Samsung phone screens are that they don't do well under sunlight as compared to Nokia phones.

The sound from Jet is so much louder compared to U-700 and N90 but the vibration is not that well to do compared to Nokia phones. The difference is you can set the vibration type which makes no difference at all with the low vibration frequencies but it's still better than the non existing vibrations in N90. It has the much needed FM radio to kill the bore of listening to your own mp3s all the time and comes with a sound surround headset. Yes, it supports sound surround for movies and musics. Imagine playing transformers on your phone. Make sure you have enough memory on your microsd card before doing that. The multiple video format support makes porn movies so much enjoyable on your phone.

One thing which I had problem with Samsung phones are that they limit the number of sms you can keep in your phone. Imagine you collected about 500 sms and you can't get additional messages in and have to delete your old ones. Why can't they just allow the memory to be used from the memory card? The only good part is the QWERTY keyboard layout when you turn it diagonally for easy typing. Smart phone ma. What you expect? Oh yes, there is motion detection much like the iphone. I wish I have the ironball game which drops into holes in the board. hahaha. It's been a while since I last played it. Which game? It's this minus the non wood/technological part and it's in the phone not the manual style.
Then comes to the camera. If the N90 2 megapixel cam and video recorder could be used to make movies, this should be the same for a 5mp camera right? The pro and con lies in the double led flash. Yes as much as it's a good feature it's also eating up precious battery life when it's on. The camera modes can be annoying and amusing at the same time. Amusing when you have face, smile and blink detection. The problem lies in it's autofocus mode. Look at the pictures below. If it's my hands shaking then why isn't the anti shake working? I doubt it's my hands which are at fault but more of the focus.You wanna know how I feel at that moment after taking my 10001 shot? I just feel like throwing the bloody phone down to the floor and stepping on it over and over again till it breaks into a million pieces. Yes I am violent but only when I get extremely frustrated. The only thing stopping me from doing that is because I have no other phones to use. Anyway I did a comparison with the OMNIA II phone that my colleague has. The conclusion is the lag from Windows Mobile did indeed killed OMNIA II which also comes with a higher price tag. I am now feeling lucky that I have a Jet instead of Omnia which my friend is currently selling for RM1000(2 weeks old and hanged over a dozen of times during browsing). Any takers?

Oh yes, you will get bored with the functions after a few days. Time for a new phone review? Contact me if you want me to review your phones, cameras or other technology gadgets at
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