Saturday, August 6, 2011

Karachut Beach Part 1

Monkey near the entrance. These little fellas finished my snack for the day

Didn't really take any pictures along the way. The hike is hard if you are travelling alone.

Observe and you shall see...

One of the last signboards you will ever see before you reach your destination..

One of the streams leading towards the meromictic lake.

The bridge that stands between me and the beach. Really!

The lake.

This is half of the lake all dried up.

Finally the beach!!!

I just don't know why, I have this feeling I am the kid. This picture just brings up some feelings I couldn't explain so I decided to take it down.

One of the adopted little guys..

Cute ain't it?

The rather empty beach on the left of the jetty. Yes there's a jetty there.

The right side of the beach.

Read Part 2 HERE

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