Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Breaking News: Neighbouring country to build Air Dome Barrier, Another Across the bridge stakes claim to Chicken Rice and our country banning exports of durians

BREAKING NEWS! Our neighboring country has become furious over claims of the 'Nasi Goreng'(Fried Rice) being a local food of the country across the bridge by an international sports superstar has decided to build an air dome covering the whole of their country. According to regional press agency TiadaName, Minister of Food and Forestry, Dr Abu Jerebu, "It's a high price we are paying for the construction of the dome but now we could keep all the fresh air to ourselves, 'goreng'(Fry) all the 'nasi'(Rice) we wanted with the surplus of firewood and not hear complains about the regional haze situation. It will also prevent neighboring countries from stealing our food recipes."

Further on the food related topic in the country across the bridge, Minister of Food and Culture, Mr Chi Ken, Lai announced that they are now filing a patent and copyright for the Chicken Rice in the region to prevent the use by others without paying the country for it's intellectual property. Experts in the matter commented that this move will stop all other claims and misuse of the name of the dish and at the same time increase the revenues of the country.

Other related news from bolehland's daily, The Moon, quoted Deputy Minister of Fruit, Exports and Antiquities, Dato' Liu Lian, Wong @ Liu Lian King saying the country would be barring exports of Durians across the region in order to safeguard this 'National Treasure'. He said "We have made a serious consideration and after a long 2 years studies on the historical origins of the durian by an elected commission, we have decided to label our durians as a National Treasure and with immediate effect, all durian parts, the skin, flesh and especially the seed would be barred from leaving the country. Stringent check would be done in all exit points of the country. Right now, we do not have a law to protect our durians and thus, all durians would be temporarily be stamped with the OSA(Official Secrets Act) stamp till we have a law passed to protect them. Other countries could now kiss goodbye to their favorite Musang King or D24 or 36DD or whatever they call it nowadays. This is just the first step in safeguarding our interest. We are currently doing the same studies for our Famous Penlang Laksa and YeePoh Gai Si Hor Fun(Shredded chicken Hor Fun).". The minister declined to answer when queried about the cost of the studies.

Meanwhile sources from our other neighboring country that exports it's rice under the name of Siam Rice has informed us that they have decided not to export their Siam Rice to stop this bitter argument and claims around the region. Quoting an official who declined to be named, "Argue for what? No rice, no Laksa, no Hor Fun, no Chicken Rice, no Nasi Goreng, No Nasi Kandar, no Drama, problem solved! (*with an evil laugh) No more claims here and there. Then we have peace in the region."

This author is fed up with all the claims and arguement of origins of food across the region and strongly believes that this small matter should never arise if countries could just accept they are South East Asia Region food. The countries should just sit and chill at the nearby 'warung' having 'roti canai' while sipping their cup of 'teh tarik' while jabbing and poking fun at the latest news in the region. This is provided the North West country has not made a claim on both the roti canai and teh tarik 'yet'. The author could be contacted at kellaw1985@yahoo.com and please ask for permission should you intend to reproduce any part of this article.

Footnote: This article is meant as a joke and parody. All names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this Article are fictitious. No identification with actual persons, places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Just Seafood Review

My Peanut when I told him I am having seafood with peanut sauce.. Yes that's right. it's one of the few sauces that is served with fresh cooked seafood in Just Seafood.


Located inside Sunway Giza PJ, you could just park your car into the mall carpark for a hassle worry free meal.

It's a 2 storey restaurant, suitable for large crowd party or just a romantic silent dinner with your loved ones.

Or you could choose the more lively ground floor where crowds passes by in awe of the fresh seafood you have on your table.

Net or memories, Take a pic and have it pinned there.

Only the freshest ingredient are selected and on show what is actually going into your dish

Selection of wines for your wine and dine. Trust me nothing goes better with seafood than wines and beers.

Transparent open kitchen so you could be rest assured of the cleanliness of the food you are having

Sauce bar where you could select more flavors for your food.

Today's specials on the special wall. Note that they are not available every single day.


Other than wines and beers available, their signature Ice Lemon tea and Lemongrass drink are highly recommended to pair with your seafood. Not too strong in taste just nice to complement the food.


Fresh US Washington oysters.. sounds like Washington apples right? I could tell you they are as juicy as the latter and one is never enough.

The size? As large as my palms. Paired with Tabasco sauce and a freshly squeezed slice of lemon juice, it's perfect for the tummy.

As per the owner they were sold by size and weight and also seasonal. So do call up and ask beforehand for the latest price for these big juicy apples oops I mean oysters before you show up disappointed.

Next up, we have the main dish, Seafood in 3 different sauces. For those who prefers some spiciness, go for the Louisiana Cajun style. The specialty is served with a twist, no cutleries, no plates, no drama, just good old hands on finger licking good style. Of course plastic gloves are provided upon request but trust me when I say nothing beats the hands on experience. Price at 109++ for 1-2 pax, 199++ for 3-4 pax and 399++ for 5-7 pax

Next up on the spiciness level comes the special Peanut style sauce which is a watered down satay sauce kind of peanut and spiciness yet retained the thickness and added the creamy spices to make it one of a kind to be eaten with rice. Yes they just pour it all on the table and you help yourself to the scrumptious portions. Price at 109++ for 1-2 pax, 199++ for 3-4 pax and 399++ for 5-7 pax

Lastly we have the non spicy version of the butter milk. For beginners I would strongly recommend this. Price at 99++ for 1-2 pax, 189++ for 3-4 pax and 369++ for 5-7 pax

Then comes the beer buddies, the Deep Fried seafood basket which contains fried calamari, prawns, oysters. I would recommend that you dip this into the butter milk for better flavours. Price: RM 47

Finally we have Chili mussels at RM 49

Food: 4/5 - Fresh no doubt. Juicy beyond doubt. Tasty but still room for improvement
Ambience: 4/5 Clean, Good for party and meals with your other half to see how they handle their seafood with patience Mwahahahaha...
Location: 3/5 - Pain in the rear location to find parking and Jam all around. It's KL PJ, where else you expect no jam right? But one can always park below the mall for a price.
Price: 3.5/5 Slightly above normal seafood price range but freshness is the price you pay for.

Email: info@justseafood.com.my
Tel: +6012-2290855
Address: A-9-G Sunway Giza Mall, Jalan PJU 5/14, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 PJ Selangor

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