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Friday, December 19, 2014

Judgement Day: The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies

Finally.. The last of the trilogy and this third installment of The Hobbit which continued from The Desolation of Smaug. It also somehow sets the start to The Fellowship of the Ring. (Yes this is already a spoiler and where the movies is different from the books). Thanks to TGV, I watched the trilogy marathon of The Hobbit on the evening 17th December till after midnight in IMAX 3D. If only they could do all 6 movies at one go on a weekend, it would be marvelous.

Would I suggest this movie to my readers? Definitely a yes even for non JRR Tolkien fans. Hint: bring tissue if you are on the emotional side. Also since this movie is in IMAX, I would highly recommend the IMAX experience.. Why? Let me show you why..

This is roughly what you will see on a normal cinema without the IMAX experience.. Trimmed and projected on the curtains.

This would be the full widescreen experience. See what you would be missing? (Yes I watched this on a normal screen on my second round and it's disappointing..)

I also spot the difference in 3D and non 3D.. In the journey and the mountain views.. It's as though I am there itself in the mountains or the halls of Erebor (Dwarves stronghold in the mountains) and most importantly the battle of the 5 armies.. The battle was long and enjoyable in 3D.

Being a fan, I would rate this movie 5/5!!! Go watch it yourself seriously. I will not be the movie spoiler..

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Guinness Amplify Penang

A series of live band performance have been going around in Malaysia brought to you by Guinness in the run up to their finale in KL on the 18th. Want to know how to get free tickets for the finale(which is by invitation/tickets only)? Read on to find out more. I was invited to their Penang League of Live Performances.

It was held in SOHO Gastro Pub in Precinct 10

The whole place was in a nice atmosphere ranging from the lightings and the billboards

The best part is that they are having their buy 2 free 1 promotion and a bottle/glass goes for only RM10

My bottles which was finished towards the end of the night

The Endleaves live

Then we have Froya

And lastly Kyoto Protocol

Thanks to Guinness for the invitation. And as promised. The way to get your free passes to the finale is by visiting https://www.amplify.com.my/tickets and follow the instructions there. Good Luck.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Chinese Lunar 9th Month 9 Emperor Gods/九皇爺 Festival in Penang

Heard of the legend that says it would rain for the first 9 days of the Chinese Lunar 9th Month?
Yup. It's because legend has it that it's during this period that the 9 Emperor Gods would come and together with it brings rain.

The 9 Emperor Gods temple in Burma road directly facing Madras Lane in Penang.

It is said one has to be a pure vegetarian for the 9 days to cleanse oneself enough to send off the gods at the end of the 9 days. During this period, no animal products(milk, meat, eggs), garlic or onion. Even the plates, pots and utensils have to be new or untouched(clean from cooking any meat)

Took this with my phone. Yes. It's nice with all the lighting during the night.

Another bokeh picture using manual focus

Small effigies for prayers.

Coil joss sticks

The best part? The food of course

I feel you could never get as many varieties elsewhere compared to this place

The mixed rice dishes. I was eating there for the past 5 days because they have different dishes everyday

Coconut tarts is one of a kind

The small desserts with fillings inside them

Believe it of not? This is actually vegetarian. Yes, non cheese but it does taste exactly like the real thing.
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