TAC Yakitori @ Petalz Residence, Old Klang Road

Who would have known that there's this hidden Japanese Restaurant at Old Klang Road that serves really fresh sashimi cuts and sushi, paired with ramens and affordably priced bento box. Have I not passed by and saw the flash of lights then decided to explore this place, I would have one less good hangout place to go. Want to know more? Read on!

Moved from the previous place near Bukit Jalil, TAC Yakitori has finally came back with a bigger and more extensive menu.

Spacious and comfortable seatings is suitable for a quiet dinner or even for a small gathering

Somehow I am captivated by the peaceful feeling as I entered the restaurant

Now let's start with their food. Of course for starters we would go for the Sashimi Salad which spots a mix of green and purple salad leaves and of course freshly cut Sashimi slices.

Then we have the Dragon Roll which is the Fried King Prawn maki topped with avocado and shrimp roe.

Even their sushi is topped with the freshest fish cut you could g…

Arrison Aiyu @ Sunway Pyramid Review

I recently found a place which sells Aiyu jelly made from Wild Natural Aiyu and I never wanted to go anywhere else just for Aiyu Jelly dessert anymore. Why? Read on to find out why this is my choice for a hot or cold dessert or even a coffee or tea break!

So where is it? It's just next to the kid's playground below the main entrance so it would be hard to miss it.

So back to why I chose this place? They used only the best and finest wild natural Aiyu from Taiwan which only grows at climates and conditions above 1800 meters above sea level at the Ali-Shan Mountain.

They are seasonal and is only available from October and April every year. So how do they make the Aiyu jelly from these seeds? They are soaked into cold water, the gel like product is produced and left to set into this healthy delicious jelly

You could order their Signature Health Series which comes in 2 sizes, the medium or large bowl which you could choose between hot serving or cold servings.

Snow Fungus Aiyu! C…

Tiger Uncage Street Food Festival 2018

Want to know what is in store for the upcoming Tiger Uncage Street Food Festival this weekend(1st & 2nd December)? What has Siew Yoke Briyani, Bacon Popcorn & Ramen Burger have in common? They are what is coming out of the kitchens of the 3 uncaged heroes who overcame their fears and followed their culinary dreams, Im Cheah, Herukh Jethwani and Jun Chan at the Tiger Uncage Street Food Fest. Read on to find out more information!

Being part of the first few who are lucky enough to attend the Media preview to have a taste of what was coming, I would say the Street Food Fest is gonna be a great one to join. Here is why!

The coming Food Fest would see over 20 of the finest established food vendors in Malaysia along with Tiger's Uncage Heroes such as MyBurgerLab, Makirito, The Porki Society and Softsrve which would be serving over more than 40 mouth watering exclusive and unique dishes just for you!

 The preview session was officiated by Jiri Rakosnik, Marketing Director of HE…

Halloween Party with Potboy & Probably the best Beer, Carlsberg

The holiday seasons are finally here. For me the holiday season starts with Halloween all the way till New Year where friends and family gathers together for a few bottles of beer in celebration for the good year. I recently attended a Halloween Party at the Carlsberg Brewery organized by Potboy where I found the easiest way to get my beers this year. How? Read on to find out more..

What's Halloween without a dress up competition right? All thanks to Potboy Groceries for the invite. I just kidnap the pumpkin for this =)

We were first given a sample of their best sellers so we know what we could go for after that

All the beers and stouts which are available through Potboy Groceries.

What's beer without something to munch with right? The whole roast pig just for us!

And extra smooth freeflow Carlsberg to accompany the roast pork.  p.s. They serve their beer extra cold for that extra smooth sip only in Carlsberg Brewery.

Other than the best dressed costume contest, we also have …
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