Hotel on the Park Staycation 6000 feet above sea level!

People always ask me, eh go Genting very tiring one need to drive up then down the same day. Where good to stay ar? I am bringing my kids along so usually 2 rooms and expensive lor. So any solution? Introducing Hotel on the Park. Why? Read on to find out more..

Dubbed the Theme Park Hotel reborn. It's fully newly furnished to the new custom theme, this is definitely a must stay if you are bringing your family or a group of friends together or even you want a spacious resting crib for the night.

The front door theme features an Alice in Wonderland theme where you could feel you are small sized. Make myself happy can or not?

How? Come over then you know lor =)

Alice in the Wonderland would be meaningless without a tea party right?

Ok. Let's get to the room but first a selfie of course

The room I stayed in(quads) is good for 4 person with 2 queen sized bed on a spacious or comfortable staying experience. Or you could have the whole bed to yourself like me which is basically h…


Casual Fine Dine Experience @ Bon Appétit Restaurant & Café

Always wanted the fine dine treatment where you are treated like Kings and Queens without having to dress for the occasion or do you ever want to eat food your way without being judged on how you use your forks spoons and knives learning etiquette like moving from outermost to inner most etc. I found just the place for you and me because Frank Sinatra's "I did it my wayyyyy" =)

Nestled in Oasis Square Ara Damansara is this Restaurant and Café named Bon Appétit which caters for lunch and dinner on weekdays which also serves a tailored menu which you pick. All you have gotta do is let them know you want to impress your date earlier and set the food you wanted.

The place is also huge enough to cater for a mini party, a formal lunch or dinner and like I have said before all you need to do is inform them earlier for the arrangement. It's also quiet enough to prepare for a romatic dinner between you and your other half. What we have prepared for us bloggers during the rev…
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