Tiger Street Food Virtual Fest 2020

2020 has been a tough times for everyone especially to our Street Food Culture. I missed going out clanking bottles of cold crisp beer with my friends while munching on good food as we go along celebrating life. With the lockdown, Tiger Beer Malaysia came up with an ingenious way to keep this culture alive every Fridays to Sundays of November. How? Read on to find out more! I finally got to "meet" my follow blogger, photographer and drinker friend, Marvin once again under a different circumstance. A virtual street food fest. How to join us? Click HERE to sign up, create your own personalised avatar and get a free can of Tiger Beer Crystal(limited to first 10K registrations) now. Use my referral code when you’re signing up: clq8Hg(8 is the only number and H is capital). What's a food festival without Cold Crisp Tiger Beer to go with the food right? This is why every day of the food fest from 3 to 5PM, there would be the Happy Hour promo at the Drinkies bar where you g

Top 5 Reasons to be at Velocity Mall for New Year's Eve Countdown

Always wondered where to go for New Year's Eve in KL for the most spectacular countdown?  Let me give you 5 good reason why you should choose Velocity Mall as your countdown venue for years to come. Read on to find out more.. 1. Entrance is free and you could also shop your way into VVIP tickets. 2. There would be no shortage of food as stores opens extended hours just for the countdown and if those are not enough, they even have over a dozens of food trucks lined up so you could watch the live performances while enjoying freshly prepared food. 3. Fun and games while you wait for the countdown at the funfair like games stores. Try your luck and win great prizes. That or if you feel you are skilled enough, there are other games where you could prove them too. Too crowded? There's a big screen halfway back so you would never get left out from the performances. Trust me when I say come early as it would be real crowded which brings me to reason no

Heineken Star Serve National Finals 2019

600 Bartenders across 8 Cities in Malaysia, only 1 Winner to be chosen to compete where it all began, Amsterdam the home of Heineken, along with the winners from across 192 Countries at the Heineken Global Bartender Finals! The Malaysian Finals was held at S'mores Jaya One Who will be the best of the best to represent our country? For over 6 years in the running, Draught Masters and Heineken Star Serve professional trainers under Heineken Malaysia Berhad’s (HEINEKEN Malaysia) Star Academy went around the country to teach the perfect serve “HEINEKEN Malaysia’s Star Academy prides itself on ensuring that consumers get to experience the full Heineken quality and experience, from brewing to consumption. This rigorous training programme ensures that Heineken fans receive a world-class serving no matter where they are. To refine the art of the perfect serve is a skill that only true ‘star’ bartenders can deliver,” said Vasily Baranov, Sales Director of HEINEKEN Mal

Experience Ultimate Refreshment with Tiger Crystal at KL's coolest bar

Did you know there's a new beer in town available all across Malaysia now? One that is more refreshing as it's filtered at -1 degree Celsius making it a smoother, more crisp and less bitter brew. Read on to know more on the launch and where to grab your Tiger Crystal for the ultimate experience.. The launch of the Tiger Crystal took place at The Square, Publika Mall The public got to claim their free bottles for the 2 days launch event To introduce the brewing process, the public got to enjoy the brew in KL's Coolest Bar, a specially constructed sub zero cold room Inside, we were introduced to the new unique brewing process For the ultimate experience we get to enjoy the all new Tiger Crystal brew in custom made ice block hewn glasses. Cheers! The night continues with more music by the live band and performances by Ryot Jones, An Honest Mistake, Kaya, DJ Bunga and others So what is better than enjoying Tiger Crystal in it's col
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