Japanese Bentodon direct to your doorstep!!

Always ask what is to eat for lunch? Sick and tired of driving out for lunch where parking are scarce? What if I tell you that you could have hot fresh pre ordered Bento Don bowls delivered right to your doorstep while having a huge variety of selection to choose from? Feeling hungry? Read on to find out more...

Prayers answered for those who have a shortage of places to go during lunch, BentoDon features a selection of 11 pre ordered Don with Chicken, Beef, Duck, Seafood or even Vegetarian. Other than that they also provide selections of Bento boxes.

Breaded fried chicken cutlets with delicious Japanese curry on top of rice. Perfect for those who love a little spice in their life. RM 22.7

Juicy Teriyaki chicken on rice with a healthy salad side. Now imagine the Teriyaki sauce coating a spoonful of the rice. Heaven. RM 21.7

Breaded fried chicken topped with onions and egg on top of rice. A must try for chicken and eggs lovers. RM22.7

My personal favourite as a person who really loves…

Road To AgroTourism - MARDI Kuala Kangsar & Roti Segar

This is the first installment of the Road to Agro Tourism where we started off at MARDI Kuala Kangsar after leaving the MARDI HQ at Serdang. Follow us on our journey to discover the huge durian plantation and other fruits available and also the local bread factory. Want to know more? Read on...

A little about MARDI Kuala Kangsar, it's primary objective is Durio-tourism and as the name suggests the Durian plantation alone is 22 hectares out of 40 hectares

On our arrival we were surprised by the MP of the Kuala Kangsar constituency,  Datin Mastura Mohd Yazid welcoming us to MARDI

Well for most of us Malaysians, eating durians arr like eating rice for a whole meal or even a few meals in a row but how many of us knows how the tree looks like and what are the technology to grow them faster?

We were treated to a live demonstration of grafting which speeds up the growth process of durian trees.

Group photo of the person in charge with the VIPs of the plantation after introducing what MA…

Old Spice Cafe, A modern classic cafe in Ampang

Hidden near the City Center near Ampang Point at M-City is this Halal modern classic which serves Arab Asian and Western fusion cuisine. It features a comfortable setting and relaxing ambience to dine in. Opens early enough for a morning breakfast before heading to work and is still open late into the night so you could spend some quality time with your loved ones over a cup of tea and fruit juice. Read on to find out more...

It's located and visible from the road side. Just look for M-city on google maps or waze. Best part is parkings are aplenty and you could park right in front of the cafe too.

At the front there are sofa styles seatings with magazines and books.

There are also round tables for a comfortable seatings

My favourite. The old Asian coffeeshop style seatings with high partition

 There are also seatings on the top which features the traditional Asian sit on the floor tables.

There's also another table by the window where you could look at the night lights an…
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