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Droidpad review

I was invited for a bloggers review on CSL's latest android codenamed the droidpad last Saturday at Gurney Plaza. Being a tech enthusiast, I went for it to see what they had to offer. Regional sales deputy manager, Wee Jit introducing the pad...oops I mean droidpad to us. 7 inch Multitouch capacitive screen Documents to go... The group of bloggers during the introduction session Review and hands on Then came their maskot. Reminds me of ET don't you think so? Google maps app The group of bloggers waiting patiently for the announcement of a droidpad winner This is the prize!!! So how did they pick one out of the 20 bloggers to win it? Basically you pick a girl... No... not to bring her home... Just to pick one goodies bag from them And open the bag.. Find something that looks like this(as apple tan gestures) The proud winner of the droidpad She didn't introduce herself to me so I will just name her as the "form" girl cause she is walking around collecting forms from

Canon Photomarathon 2010 pt2

Yup, I know this is a little late but I haven't had the time to pick and watermark my pictures. Work is catching up on an old man like me. Yes you read right, I am officially called an uncle now no thanks to my colleague's son who made me feel old. Sigh! Well, if there is one thing I would really share about taking photos during the photomarathon, it would definitely be a photographers ethics. No I am no saint here but an incident actually happened during the event. There were a group of photographers who are ahead of me trying to get their theme and the theme was humanity. So these bunch saw a foreign monk passing by. Guess what they did? They got one sacrificial lamb to donate money to the monk and the rest were snapping away. For once the monk got a little upset and confronts the group saying they don't have his permission to take his photo. Guess what the bunch answered him? "We're Malaysians". Oh yeah? So does that gives them the permission to do whatever
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