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Edelweiss Beer from the Alps is finally here in town at a city near you!

I oddly remembered the moment when I had my first Edelweiss Beer long long time ago. It was a trip to Langkawi, the island of duty free booze. The store owner recommended it and told me it's gonna be hard for me to find it anywhere else in Malaysian and even if I could find it, it would not be at a reasonable price. I gave it a try and it was the only beer I drank on the island the rest of my trip. Imagine my excitement when Heineken Malaysia announced they would bring this beer in? On top of that there would be exclusive Edelweiss flagship outlets! Read on to find out more... I was a happy kid when I was told they are opening one of their exclusive Edelweiss flagship outlet, The Alps Bar right at where we KLites avoid the city scorching heat at.. Genting Highlands Sky Avenue. I guess I would visit Genting more after this? =) Why Genting Highlands? Where else would you get the Cold Windy Alps experience 6000 feet above sea level other than Genting Highlands eh? On aircond

KL's latest attraction KL Tower Walk 100 & KL Tower 25th Year Anniversary Celebration

There's a new attraction in town! Where? At KL Tower which recently celebrated its Silver Jubilee 25th Year Anniversary. It's dubbed the Tower Walk 100 aka TW100 where one gets to walk open air on the platform around the tower at height. Want to know more about this new attraction? Read on to find out more.. The 25th Anniversary celebration event was graced by the Malaysian Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, YB Dato' Sri Hajah Nancy Shukri who also officiated the launch of the Tower Walk 100. What's a birthday celebration without a cake right? So Happy Birthday KL Tower and wish you have prosperous years to come! Oh yeah, to commemorate the anniversary celebration, there's also a special edition stamp set with cooperation with Pos Malaysia at RM35 and a limited edition snapback cap on sale for RM190. Go grab yours today! Ok, Let's get back to the newest attraction, it was officiated by YB Dato' Sri Hajah Nancy Shukri cutting the ribbons fla

Air Fryer Cocktail Sausage Wellingtons Quick Recipe

Someone is coming over and you need to churn out a quick bite real quick which looks classy? Look no further as I am here to save your day. Something I learnt cooking during the Covid Lockdowns to fill my tummy, this is the best party snack one could churn out for the crowd or just for that quickie snack to satisfy your cravings at the middle of the night Grab yourself a pack of pastry sheet squares, cocktail sausages and an egg for that youthful shiny glow on your pastry sheet If you are in a rush, run the cocktail sausages under running water. The casing would protect the juices and flavours. Spread all the pastry sheets indivually and they do deforst real quick. Cut them to rectangle halves and start wrapping the cocktail sausages leaving the end at the bottom. Throw them all in the air fryer for 15 minutes at 200 degrees celcius. Note that different Air Fryer might take longer time or even shorter time so always pull out from time to time to see if you are done(that&#
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