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中秋节快乐 - Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Wishing all my friends and readers who are celebrating the mid autumn festival a happy one! The mid autumn festival pictures are courtesy of my friend Phil. Visit his BLOG for more interesting pictures

Gloomy day...RIP to my good loyal "friends"

Yeap... it's a gloomy day to start with.. This pic was taken a while back when I know it will be used for something like this post. Mind the watermark as I am only using paint for it... Good enough for me it seems. It was a surprise for me as I didn't really notice mt "friends" were gone when I returned. Somehow it was late at night and I thought they were off to sleep which is usual. It was only the next day that Auntie Pauline told me that I know they were gone for 3 days.. I was like...sigh... I was caught speechless.. I held my tears till I am in my room.. If only I knew they were going away... If only I did stayed the morning before I left to spend more time with them.. If only I played with them the night before and treat them snacks... Too many IFs but I guess I can't change anything anymore now.. I really didn't see it coming.. Sigh... RIP King.. You will always be a good friend to me.. Somehow he is like a protector to me... Follows me around when I

Pre Youth Jam 2010

Should have updated the pictures earlier but I was sick and bedridden for the past few days. Here are some shots on the pre event where preparations are made for the Penang Youth Jam 2010. Will update more on the event later.
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