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Terrace Bar & Grill @ The KL Journal Review

Well some people said that living a life in the city of KL is getting tough and prices are always soaring high so much so that one couldn't really pamper themselves with good food in good ambience. What if I tell you such place do exist if you search hard enough and it could be more than you could dream of? Nah. I am just gonna tell you where it is. Read on to find out more.. Located in The KL Journal Hotel's Workers' Union which also houses the Terrace Bar & Grill is this nice place. Yes you read right. It's in a hotel. Bring your other half, mother or even grandmother and they get free bottomless day on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. On a good day, You would be able to see the stars in the skies with their open roof concept. On a rainy day, the roof would automatically slide down to keep you away from the rain. Nothing beats a comfortable open air and windy elevated bar while enjoying the night with loved ones. Felt you would want a

Time To Light Up Fashion Show at 6000ft high

So what's the latest fashion trend lately? Found out that what you have in your jewellery box is no longer the "In" thing? Why not head up to the new 6000 feet high fashion shopping haven, SkyAvenue @ Resort World Genting? Read on to find out more and also watch the short video on the fashion show during their Fashion Week event... Well this post wouldn't be my post if I don't have a selfie right? =) We were greeted with a reception of light snacks and drinks. My personal favorite? The red wine and the smoked duck appetizer. Then we were treated to a fashion show by handsome and pretty models brandishing the variety of jewellery and timepieces from Thomas Sabo I was so tempted to get his watch =) Plan to get that necklace or bracelet for your female other half? Or just that extra necklace which would add the bling into your collection? One thing that catches my eyes are the beads. Looks good even on guys holding them i

Sango Japanese Restaurant Review

Thinking to impress your boss on a business lunch or even that date of yours in a short quickie Japanese lunch while wanting to take care not to burn a hole in your pockets with hotel price? I have just the place for you. Read on to find out more.. Thanks to Rachel Loh of FoodiLIFEcious , I got invited to review this restaurant in Crystal Crown Hotel PJ. Yeap that's right. It's in a hotel but hotel and good price doesn't mix? You might just be surprised. Lined with traditional Japanese wood walls and partitioned for private dining or even a private room, it's surely a comfortable and decent place to have a meal Then we have the bar dining area where one could dine and wine or order a sip of that Hibiki =) You could also see part of your meal being prepared fresh in front of you. They serve a vast variety of Japanese imported liquors, some that are real hard to find elsewhere too. Now back to their food. They are currently offering Lunch
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