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Koi Japanese Restaurant Gurney Plaza Penang

My friend who went over there for their buffet came back and told me that their food was bad and not to mention food presentation was as it's worse. So me being me, I decided to give it a try. I went in between the buffet sessions and viola. Found something that is my money's worth. I would let the pictures do the talking. Free flow of sushi for RM25++ so don't expect much in terms of presentation for mass produce to cater for 70 customers at full seating right? Just when I was expecting the worse as what my friend had told me but the price is cheap enough to say satisfy my stomach and attract me over to give them a try. This is what i got. Their Buffet menu.. You'd be suprised if you match them to their ala carte menu. Comparison? If you come at normal times and not the buffet style, the chefs would have more time to dress the sushi with better presentation. Having said this, it's not that their presentation during the buffet time is that bad either. Have a look y
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