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Live on the Wok Iftar @ Verandah Restaurant, Cyberview Resort & Spa

Mention Cyberjaya and Putrajaya to people from KL and they would tell you it's hard to get good food around. What if I tell you they are wrong? While it doesn't come from the conventional place of a warung, Verandah Restaurant in Cyberview Resort and Spa does offer something that others does not. Food at a 5 star resort. Must be expensive right? Nope. Price is actually affordable and even more on weekends. Yes you read it right. WEEKENDS are cheaper. So now you have a place to go sightseeing on the weekends with your family and indulge in good food, great ambient of a 5 star resort. What I really like about their concept is the rows of open air garden action stalls(of course they are connected with gazebos to shield the harsh weathers) Gulai Kawah. Not one, not two.. All different meat and flavours Then we have the Kerabu Melayu which offers a variety for mixed salads Then we have the Taufu Bakar where they are prepared hot when you order them s

Seindah Ramadhan Buffet @ Palace of the Golden Horses

Ever wanted to dine like an Arabian King in a Palace at an affordable price? Always wanted to know how camel meat taste like? For the holy month of Ramadhan, Palace of the Golden Horses is having the Middle Eastern Arabic Cuisine buffet with over 150 dishes at their Carousel International Coffeehouse. Did I mention all you can eat durians too?(while stock last la) The themed buffet starts from 22 May till 24th June so hurry and book your place Well it's not a Kellaw's post without a selfie right? Camel Ice sculpture representing the variety of camel dishes they came up with such as the Camel soup with herbs & spices, Camel Rendang and Spiced Roast Camel to name a few. The Carousel International Coffeehouse is quite spacious and the table settings are real good for family gathering and also corporate Iftar gatherings Be entertained by the live band while you eat Now lets start with the food. Assorted breads to go with that camel soup or just
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