Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager Launch Party

The Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager is finally here in Malaysia!! After hearing the launch for some time now, I could proudly say that I finally had a taste of this new twist to our favourite Tiger Beer!

Invited to join the exclusive0 launch party at Tropicana Mall Convention Center recently, are you Bold Enough to Enter?

Enter a Bold New World of this new Tiger Beer Soju Flavoured Lager creation!

Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager redemption counter!

First thing first, grab a bucket! Trust me that one bucket is never enough

Time to explore around the pop up games and stall in the hall! Found the in house MIX store to get all your snacking needs. Grabbed a few packs of their famous Fried Korean Luncheon Meat sticks which to me is the best pairing for the all new Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager

Games to win exclusive vouchers. Yours truly won another Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager Cocktail voucher!

Tiger Feel the Twist Photo Booth with all the props so you could get your perfect pictures taken while waiting for the special guest performances to start.

LOCO in the house! Driving his hardcore fans screaming excitedly all night long

What to do during the intermission? Grab the specially curated Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager Cocktail by experienced bartenders that have us coming back for more

Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager Cocktail!

3P's Pa Sang Anthem has all of us singing and dancing along!

Grabbed another Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager Bucket before the next performances

Dato Maw and a lot more performances such as live DJ sets by Queen T, Julian and Sherry Alyssa, hip hop performances by the Ban Huat crew featuring YUNGKAI, S.A.C, and K-pop dance medleys kept us entertained the entire night

Final picture with fellow bloggers before calling it a night!

Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager is now available in Gutsy Grape across Peninsular Malaysia in bottles and cans at all major supermarkets, convenience stores, minimarts, bars, restaurants, and online retail channels, including Drinkies. For more information on Tiger Soju Flavoured Lager, visit https://tigersoju.tigerbeer.com, as well as the brand’s social media pages at https://www.facebook.com/TigerBeerMY and https://www.instagram.com/tigerbeermy/.


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