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31 Days of St. Patrick's Celebration with Guinness

How many celebrations have you missed since the start of the first MCO? Do you know it's been a whole year with restrictions from getting out of your house and shops are not always open? Some didn't even make it through just like our celebrations with our loved ones. Anniversaries, Birthdays or even the occasional drinking and catching up sessions with friends have to take a back seat for the Covid restrictions. Guinness knows this and wants to give us a chance to re-celebrate all the missed occasions this entire month of St. Patrick's month. Want to know more? Read on! For 31 days in a row, Guinness will spread the joy of the St. Patrick's spirit with specially tailor made St. Patrick's Celebration kits for its fans in the Klang Valley and Penang. All you have to do is to tell Guinness what was the missed celebration in the comments section or the chatbox of Guinness's Facebook or Instagram Page. The top 5 submissions will be selected daily for 31 d
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