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Kellaw's Simple Recipes: Baked Cod with Wedges

A lot of people forgot how easy was it to cook at home till Covid hits. Everyone is stuck at home and had to learn how to cook. I did my share of cooking and so I feel it's good to share the recipes of these food with everyone else. Here's what you need. Giant slab of Cod fish about 1.5cm thick(that's about slightly over half an inch thick) Potato wedges(you could get ready made frozen ones or make from scratch or improvise) Lemon, Italian herbs, Parsley, Coarse Black Pepper, Chilli/Red Pepper powder and Salt Wash, descale the cod, then add dashes of parsley, red pepper powder, and salt then give it a good rub How did I improvise my wedges? I defrosted the ready made ones, add dashes of Italian herb and Coarse Black Pepper and mix them evenly Preheat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius. I couldn't stress enough the importance of this as it hel
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