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Rockaway Grill + Bar Review: Juicylicious Specialty Ribs

It's really hard to find good pork ribs in KL. It's even more rare to find Grilled Wild Hog/Boar Ribs what more one that costs less than 100 MYR for the whole slab of ribs enough for even 2 big eaters. Too big a portion for you? Order their American Sized build your own burger with their 100% premium Wild Boar burger patties instead! Wanna know where to find this place? Read on to find out more... Located at the busy areas of Changkat Bukit Bintang and just a short walk from Sungai Wang or Lot 10, this is a must visit for Drinks and Dinner. Trust me if you can think of a drink, they have it there =) Let's start off slow with a salad shall we? Pocatello - Brisket Cobb Salad consisting of Crisp Romaine lettuce served with grilled brisket, tomatoes, chives, and Roquefort cheese. Next would be their "light" bites. Twin Falls - Pork sausage rolls, homemade pork sausages wrapped in pastries and baked to perfection Too little to gulp your drin
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