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SEND's Delivery App Launch

Ever had the feeling where you have forgotten something and wished that you could have someone deliver them right to your doorsteps at times? Say you left an urgent document at home and all you have is your mum at home and she has to take the trouble to send it to you by taking a taxi? How you wish you have an office boy to run your errands right? Tired of that Fast food delivery that would never reach in time for your lunch hour or you just wanted some cakes and tea delivered to you without having to bear with the traffic jam?   One man envisioned the end of all those hassle, TP Chin, CEO and founder of SEND when he introduced the app. Simple login interface Real time map tracking It was finally officiated last week by Jorge Lorenzo, 3 times MotoGP World Champion, as their business partner and Global Brand Ambassador of SEND. Currently, the SEND community has more than 10,000 people and they targeted it to increase exponentially to 300K by end of 2017.

Grey N Blue Review

So you are having a date/meeting but at the same time feel hungry around the area of Cheras. So where to find an air conditioned place but you wanted to avoid fast food restaurants. Fret not, I have just the place for you. Introducing Grey N Blue where they serves pork free dishes, western and chinese food, desserts and drinks for those who just want a light bite and chill out. Sample quick bite dessert available What's a dessert without coffee right? They serves a wide range of selection for drinks. I went for the coconut latte.  For starters, dive into deep fried calamari rings served with tartar sauce. Priced at MYR13 Food? Full fledged meals are also available. My personal favorite as the first thing that comes into mins is this is a KFC chicken merged with Cheezy Wedges. But this taste much better as there's another layer of cheese which gives it more flavor. Priced at MYR22 Then we have the Chinese influenced Salted egg chicken. Deep fried chicken

Passport International Beerfest Kick off Live in TREC KL (and happening at many more places)

The Passport International Beerfest which kicked off about a month ago brings global beer and cider experiences right to you in a different way than your normal Octoberfest celebrations. Bringing an all out celebration with Heineken Malaysia's range of beers and ciders from The Netherlands, England, Germany, Ireland and Asia, there's also the chance to experience the culture behind each of the places in an over a month long celebration.   Did you know that you stand a chance to own a set of siz limited edition Passport International Beerfest collectible mugs at selected outlets(listed below) during this campaign period(while stock lasts la of course). So where are all these celebrations you may ask? Since the kick off celebration at TREC KL on the 22nd of Sept, below are the list of celebrations going on. What are you waiting for? Head down to the venues listed below on the date of the celebrations, watch live performances, play games, dine on good food and drin

Breaking News: Neighbouring country to build Air Dome Barrier, Another Across the bridge stakes claim to Chicken Rice and our country banning exports of durians

BREAKING NEWS! Our neighboring country has become furious over claims of the 'Nasi Goreng' (Fried Rice) being a local food of the country across the bridge by an international sports superstar has decided to build an air dome covering the whole of their country. According to regional press agency TiadaName, Minister of Food and Forestry, Dr Abu Jerebu, "It's a high price we are paying for the construction of the dome but now we could keep all the fresh air to ourselves, 'goreng' (Fry) all the 'nasi' (Rice) we wanted with the surplus of firewood and not hear complains about the regional haze situation. It will also prevent neighboring countries from stealing our food recipes." Further on the food related topic in the country across the bridge, Minister of Food and Culture, Mr Chi Ken, Lai announced that they are now filing a patent and copyright for the Chicken Rice in the region to prevent the use by others without paying the country for it

Just Seafood Review

My Peanut when I told him I am having seafood with peanut sauce.. Yes that's right. it's one of the few sauces that is served with fresh cooked seafood in Just Seafood. THE PLACE Located inside Sunway Giza PJ, you could just park your car into the mall carpark for a hassle worry free meal. It's a 2 storey restaurant, suitable for large crowd party or just a romantic silent dinner with your loved ones. Or you could choose the more lively ground floor where crowds passes by in awe of the fresh seafood you have on your table. Net or memories, Take a pic and have it pinned there. Only the freshest ingredient are selected and on show what is actually going into your dish Selection of wines for your wine and dine. Trust me nothing goes better with seafood than wines and beers. Transparent open kitchen so you could be rest assured of the cleanliness of the food you are having Sauce bar where you could select more flavors for yo
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