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TAC Yakitori @ Petalz Residence, Old Klang Road

Who would have known that there's this hidden Japanese Restaurant at Old Klang Road that serves really fresh sashimi cuts and sushi, paired with ramens and affordably priced bento box. Have I not passed by and saw the flash of lights then decided to explore this place, I would have one less good hangout place to go. Want to know more? Read on! Moved from the previous place near Bukit Jalil, TAC Yakitori has finally came back with a bigger and more extensive menu. Spacious and comfortable seatings is suitable for a quiet dinner or even for a small gathering Somehow I am captivated by the peaceful feeling as I entered the restaurant Now let's start with their food. Of course for starters we would go for the Sashimi Salad which spots a mix of green and purple salad leaves and of course freshly cut Sashimi slices. Then we have the Dragon Roll which is the Fried King Prawn maki topped with avocado and shrimp roe. Even their sushi is topped with the f
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