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Guinness Amplify Penang

A series of live band performance have been going around in Malaysia brought to you by Guinness in the run up to their finale in KL on the 18th. Want to know how to get free tickets for the finale(which is by invitation/tickets only)? Read on to find out more. I was invited to their Penang League of Live Performances. It was held in SOHO Gastro Pub in Precinct 10 The whole place was in a nice atmosphere ranging from the lightings and the billboards The best part is that they are having their buy 2 free 1 promotion and a bottle/glass goes for only RM10 My bottles which was finished towards the end of the night The Endleaves live Then we have Froya And lastly Kyoto Protocol Thanks to Guinness for the invitation. And as promised. The way to get your free passes to the finale is by visiting and follow the instructions there. Good Luck.
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