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Chinese Lunar 9th Month 9 Emperor Gods/九皇爺 Festival in Penang

Heard of the legend that says it would rain for the first 9 days of the Chinese Lunar 9th Month? Yup. It's because legend has it that it's during this period that the 9 Emperor Gods would come and together with it brings rain. The 9 Emperor Gods temple in Burma road directly facing Madras Lane in Penang. It is said one has to be a pure vegetarian for the 9 days to cleanse oneself enough to send off the gods at the end of the 9 days. During this period, no animal products(milk, meat, eggs), garlic or onion. Even the plates, pots and utensils have to be new or untouched(clean from cooking any meat) Took this with my phone. Yes. It's nice with all the lighting during the night. Another bokeh picture using manual focus Small effigies for prayers. Coil joss sticks The best part? The food of course I feel you could never get as many varieties elsewhere compared to this place The mixed rice dishes. I was eating there for the past 5 days becaus
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