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Arrison Aiyu @ Sunway Pyramid Review

I recently found a place which sells Aiyu jelly made from Wild Natural Aiyu and I never wanted to go anywhere else just for Aiyu Jelly dessert anymore. Why? Read on to find out why this is my choice for a hot or cold dessert or even a coffee or tea break! So where is it? It's just next to the kid's playground below the main entrance so it would be hard to miss it. So back to why I chose this place? They used only the best and finest wild natural Aiyu from Taiwan which only grows at climates and conditions above 1800 meters above sea level at the Ali-Shan Mountain. They are seasonal and is only available from October and April every year. So how do they make the Aiyu jelly from these seeds? They are soaked into cold water, the gel like product is produced and left to set into this healthy delicious jelly You could order their Signature Health Series which comes in 2 sizes, the medium or large bowl which you could choose between hot serving or cold servings
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