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Green House Bak Kut Teh Penang

 Some foodies would know this place I am talking about. It's been raining for the past 2 weeks(This is why I can't get a pic of the front of the shop with my cheap camera) but nonetheless, I found this place where the bak kut teh is one of the best I have had in Penang so far. It's located opposite the 7th Day Adventist Church/Him Hiang at Jalan Burma. You can see that even on a rainy day they are on full mode. The restaurant is usually full. On a note you can't see the stall as it's located towards the end of the shop hidden from the main street but the Green House Bak Kut Teh is unmissable to the left of the main street of Jalan Burma headed from Komtar.  Everything is made to order. You choose what you want and they cook it.  Selection ranging from ribs, lean meat, taufu, internal organs, meatballs, mushrooms and a few other  The smoking hot pot of soup could be smelled from a street away.  My claypot for 2 person with rice and yau char kuai costs R

Z-Classroom Penang with free beer!!!

Was invited to Z-Classroom for a review over the last weekend. It's located in Penang Times Square.. You could easily just pass by this place mistaking this as one of the colorful restaurants without knowing it but it's at the ground floor facing where the fountains are. Look up and you will see the signs. An ambient place if you asked me. Good for late meetings where you discuss not so classified stuffs, have cake over coffee and wants to directly grab a beer after that. Condusive and quiet during late evenings. This is how the top floor looks like. The joke on this pic was that someone failed their science or was asleep during class. This is why they opened a cafe cum bar. They have a private Karaoke room for more private functions where you can start singing when you are half drunk. Good for parties too. Cakes for coffee or tea. Nice presentation here and clean too. Hot coffee with strawberry cake. Tiramisu cake and ice cold white coffee. Oh yes, you get liquid papers to act

Pulau Aman Seafood Trip

Went on a food trip all the way to Pulau Aman the last weekend.. To and fro journey from the Batu Kawan jetty is only RM6... A short but enjoyable trip if I may say. Guess what I found on the boat. See this picture without seeing the next... I found superboy!!! Seriously this kid had been staring at me with that facial expression for the entire journey. Arriving at the old Jetty in Pulau Aman. The new jetty is still under "renovation"... The last I remembered it was completed and somehow they are rebuilding it... Only found on the island. I didn't even try as my main intentions was the seafood there... Fresh from the sea. The fishermans will drop their cargo into these little tanks and you just choose which one that you want.. Mantis prawn, I CHOOSE YOU!!!! This big bugger was caught swimming real fast running away from the net when I wanna haul him up... It's a little on the expensive side but I would say it's worth it. RM85/Kg. Horseshoe crab!!! The underside of
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