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After the last innocent kid post here , here is another one. Well kids does says the darnest things but in Malaysia, you never know. LoL! A small kid and his dad were walking on the street whan they saw two dogs having sex. The small kid asked his father "Daddy, what are they doing?" *pointing at the dogs The dad said, "Oh! They are making a puppy". A few days later, the small kid walks in on his parents having sex. The small kid says "Daddy, what are you doing?" The dad replied, "Making a baby here." Guess what the kid say now? The kid said "Hmmmm, can you please flip Mommy around? I'd rather have a puppy instead!"

Cannibal Mum

Sorry that I have been busy lately and would continue to be busy till.... Erm I really dunno till when actually.. I went to the supermarket earlier and saw a small little girl looking at a pregnant lady She asked the lady "Why is your stomach so big auntie?" The lady said "I am having a baby." Then she asked again with her big eyes looking at the lady "Is the baby inside your stomach?" The lady smiled and said "Yes!" Then the little girl asked "Is it a good baby?" She said "Yes. It is a really good baby." The girl give her a surprised look and asked "Then why you eat the baby?" I nearly rolled on the floor laughing out loud with tears in my eyes that moment. Moral of the story: Kids are innocent and those that aren't are hamsap. Wuahahaha

Free Wifi WTF!!!

Just the other day I see a free wifi sign on the tree when I go mamak for my supper. Then the next visit I bring my laptop lo since free wifi ma. My main aim? Steal Use their electricity and save on my monthly electric bill lo. See the sign? I then set up everything with the cables done. Guess what happen next? Me - Neh neh, teh tarik stengah glas(like the u mobile ad) Neh neh, kenapa tarak wifi?(How come no wifi?) Mamak - (scratches head) wifi ah? apa itu?(wifi? what is that?) Me - (points to the sign on the tree) Internet la Mamak - Oh itu ka. Lu ikut I mai sini. Kena duduk atas pokok baru ada.(Follow me. You need to sit on the tree only will get connection) Me - WTF!!! So it's just a gimmick like McD near Taylors Subang. You will never get connected. Bloody hell...

Masturbating kills!!!

Warning:- 18SX post ahead!, Siu di di and Siu mui mui go sleep ok? I am not responsible if you read any further. Yes you read it right. You can die from masturbating. Yes I know what you are thinking -> WTH!!! This is according to what Dr V.M.Palaniappan,Ph.D.,who has been a practising ecologist and an academician in the University of Malaya for a very long time said in his blog. The first when I read it I am like WTH?? Masturbating kills but sex doesn't? Okok. Our doc here argues that the friction creates heat and in turn increases the body acidity which would lower the immune system. Then you get H1N1 and die. LoL. So see it does kill. But wait..... Sex doesn't create friction heat mea? Oh, got lubricant is it? Sorry la I am dumb ma. So young and innocent so I dunno. Wait har. Let's see. Say the friction on the rod. what's the formula to calculate the surface area of s syllinder again? Okok I found it. It's height X 2 Pi radius. Okla I am having wishfull thinki
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