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Old Spice Cafe, A modern classic cafe in Ampang

Hidden near the City Center near Ampang Point at M-City is this Halal modern classic which serves Arab Asian and Western fusion cuisine. It features a comfortable setting and relaxing ambience to dine in. Opens early enough for a morning breakfast before heading to work and is still open late into the night so you could spend some quality time with your loved ones over a cup of tea and fruit juice. Read on to find out more... It's located and visible from the road side. Just look for M-city on google maps or waze. Best part is parkings are aplenty and you could park right in front of the cafe too. At the front there are sofa styles seatings with magazines and books. There are also round tables for a comfortable seatings My favourite. The old Asian coffeeshop style seatings with high partition  There are also seatings on the top which features the traditional Asian sit on the floor tables. There's also another table by the window where you could

RW Genting 12 Hours Food Trail Part 1 - Tea Time!!

Here comes the part one of the Food Trail. It's dessert time in SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting. What better way to start a food trail with just small eats to start the tummy engine to receive more food right? From the famed Churros in different kind of servings from Street Churros to all the cheese from Tokyo Secret, read on to find out more about the desserts and small bites!  This is the place which serves all piping hot freshly made churros, perfect for the cool weather in Genting Fun fact: Did you know the churros is shaped into a horseshoe which symbolizes good luck? The menu. We have the normal churros, then churros with inner fillings, fries, ice cream and even hotdogs. They even have set deals which gives you some savings.  Coming in 3 flavours, chocolate, cinnamon and cheese, they also comes with 4 selection of dips, the butterscotch, chocolate, cream cheese or blueberry.  Then there's the silky smooth ice cream which comes with a mini chu

Road To Agro Tourism 2017 - Kuala Kangsar & Cameron Highlands

The Road to Agro Tourism is a special program organized by the Malaysian Tourism Council (MTC) with the support from Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia (MOTAC) and the Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-Based Industry Malaysia to promote interesting domestic Agro Tourism destination. There are 6 series of Road To Agro Tourism that is planned which is divided to the following zones, South (Johore), Mid (Perak & Pahang), North (Penang & Kedah), East Coast (Terengganu), Sabah and Sarawak. This round is the Mid Zone Series which was organized with cooperation of Malaysian Agriculture Research & Development Institute (MARDI) was held from the 12-14th of December 2017. The launching and flagging off event was held in MARDI HQ in Serdang and was attended by about 40 influencers, bloggers, members of the medias, representatives from sponsors, travel agencies, agencies & departments. We started with the opening speech by the President of MTC, Mr. Uzaidi U
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