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Porky-Rib-cious New Menu from Morganfields

Ever wondered what the best meat on a porky? How about an all Porky-Rib-cious meal at Morganfields to find out? I was there recently to try out their new sticky bones menu and boy, I loved what I was served. Juicy succulent meat separated by bones so you eat them like that chicken drumsticks and wipe the bone clean. Wanna know what is new or delicious? Read on..  With more than a dozen of restaurants over in Malaysia, this makes this Home of Sticky Bones an easily accessible restaurant for all porky lovers. I visited their branch right in the middle of the city in Pavillion KL  Who says pigs can't fly? You get more than what you bargained for here with their menu..  My personal favourite "table" to go along with their food? The bar of course. What is better than downing chunks of juicy meats with a glass of whiskey or cold crisp beer right?  Seafood Chowder.. The whole big bowl of treasure underneath. Don't be fooled by the appearance, the botto

20th Century Fox World Studio Store Opening

Did you know the one and only 20th Century Fox World Studio Store in the world was recently opened here in Malaysia? Yeap, you read it right. It's the only one in the world and it's right here in SkyAvenue Genting selling exclusive limited edition items from your favourite 20th Century Fox movies. Wanna know more? Read on to find out more... Located at the first floor of the all new shopping haven up in the skies, Sky Avenue, it's the teaser store for the soon to be opened Fox World Theme Park and I am lucky enough to be invited to the Grand Opening! There were tons of light bites and Fox Cupcakes, so fluffy, I had more than I am supposed to =) Then there were the photobooth where we take pictures to commemorate this auspicious day! Picture with Resorts World Genting Communications & PR VP, Ms Katherine Chew We were given a fantastic dance by the dancers before the mascots from our favourite cartoons accompanies the VIPs for the opening.

Medan Selera, the all new Chillout Food Place @ Resorts World Genting

First thing when we mention Nasi Kandar to any Malaysian, the first warning message would be "DON'T TAKE SEAFOOD". Why? You try it once at any other stall then you would know why. I would want to say that it would burn a hole in your pockets but then there would be no pockets left cos you would have pawned your pants just to afford the meal. What if I were to tell you that there's just this affordable priced eatery you could visit right in Resorts World Genting? Read on to find out more.. Located at the ground floor of the SkyAvenue mall, this new food court is one sure to offer a variety of Malaysian Favourites. Divided into several outlets namely Rice & Spice, Noodles, Laksa, Western Asian, ans Crispy Chips outlet which is sure to cater for your favourite dishes. Let's start with our all time favourite, the nasi kandar featuring sides of Lamb Varuval, Ayam Goreng Berempah, Beef, Fried Prawns, Crabs, Fish and Squid Curry. All in one single stal
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