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Knowhere Bangsar, Eatery, Bar & Cigars Review

Looking for a dining place at the heart of KL in Bangsar where you could jump straight into drinking or even wine as you dine? What if I tell you its food would remind you of home while at the same time serves unique cocktail creations? Read on to find out more... Knowhere Bangsar is located directly facing Jalan Maarof so it's hard to miss this place. The place has a modern concept which spots hand painted wall designs At the same time, they do have a quite substantial collection of drinks to create a mix that is sure to suit you. Smoked Plume and Plum - This deliciously home smoked duck, topped with Plum & Peach Salsa, Mango sauce and Onion Marmalade is perfect with any drinks. Grill Calamari - Fresh South China Sea Squid grilled just nice accompanied with Belacan Salsa for that local touch Mussel Sambal with Basil Lime - Chilean Black Mussels serve with a tinge of Basil Lime Chili to five it the additional flavours Burnt Butter Steak - S
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