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Top 5 Clasification of Wedding dinner guests

Well, this is specially dedicated to a colleague of mine who is getting married real soon. (Note: This is just a faction of the writer's imagination and has nothing to do with real life events and if there are any similarities, it's only by coincidence) . Back to the topic, which are the types of guest that gets invited to wedding dinner. Top #1 : Big shots.. Could be your boss, could be some fat mama, could be some datuks, directors or some rich uncle you haven't talk to since you are 5 years old. Reason? These are the main sponsors of the wedding dinner, your night and the main point they are rich so it doesn't matter if you haven't seen them since you were a baby or get c4-ed in the office.. Just be nice to them and invite them to the dinner. Pic src: Here Top #2 : Colleagues and friend. No matter how reluctant they are to part with the angpau(red packet) money, they will still give you a share of their small shrinking buying power salary when the red
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