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The X Restaurant & Bar Review

So you are down town in Bangsar and you are hungry. Where to eat la? Hardest daily question ever. But but but eating in Bangsar area expensive right? Not really. I found the best location for food and drinks with a cosy setting where you could enjoy your dinner and also get a pint or two along the way. But bar food wor. Nice or not? Read on then you know lor.. p.s. Happy hour from 4 till 8pm, you get a 25% off everything on the menu. Food & Drinks! =) There is no doubt they have one of the best alcohol displays in town and serves a vast variety of cocktails so let's go through a quickie intro on the drinks shall we? They serve a variety of signature cocktails like the 24K Magic (Brandy, Shott Lemon Ginger Honey, Cinnamon Stick), Good Love (Vodka, Orange, Shott Raspberry, Lemon, Mint Leaves), Gin & Juice (Gin, Monin Hazelnut, Green Apple Juice, Fresh Mint, Ginger Slices) and Sangria just to name a few. Their bartenders are definitely proud of

Eastin’s Sparkle and Shine, it's Christmas! @ Swez Brasserie

Yes! It's that time of the year again when you hear Christmas Carols and starts feeling the Christmas Spirit around you but then comes the headache of where and what to eat. Christmas has always been one of my most loved season with good food but where would I go this year? I just discovered this eat all you can food haven with perfect setting for Christmas eve this year but why do I say so? Read on to find out more.. Salt Dough Roasted Turkey, the treasure's inside the wrap. Perfectly roasted and retaining the juicy tender turkey meat in there while at the same time perfectly salting it. Well what's a Christmas feast without other festive dishes right? That's where they serve the traditional roasted turkey, lamb racks, grilled prawns and pies Is that all? No they have the braised beef brisket, duck leg confit and many more They also serve the usual hot dishes which are sure to keep your belly warm on Christmas eve. The best part is I

Justice League Movie Premiere at Resorts World Genting

So what is the movie all about? Spoilers? Do I look like some click bait or someone who would spoil the movie? Nah. But I can tell you it's about HOPE! I am being very fortunate being the first few who gets to watch the movie premiere up here in Resorts World Genting. There are also plenty of activities held in conjunction with the release of the film here in SkyAvenue. Wanna know more about my experience and how I rate this movie? Read on! Hope never dies.. Some of us were devastated when we found out the tickets for the first few days went all sold out in KL and I would be traveling off from KL too early to see it in cinemas anyway.. That's when hope came in the form of an email that says I am invited for the premiere screening 6000 feet up above sea level in Resorts World Genting! If there's one thing we will never miss, it would be the Sky Symphony Show at SkyAvenue Yeah we are always fascinated with balls and the vibrant movies.. You can read mor
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