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Sorry guys, have been tired for the past 2 days rushing in on assignments. Finally what I have feared worst had already happened after I finished writing this post so here I am editing this post again. It came in the form of an email this morning. I guess I would be off for a long time after this and maybe the part 2 post wouldn't even materialize. The email is self explanatory. I would be putting this blog in silence for a week as a sign of respect to my buddy. (disclaimer - the following has nothing to do with politics) Say you are a leader somewhere leading a group of people. You once used to be the head and now someone took over but you are still one of the leaders in the group. Then you found out someone (or a few) in your group is doing something against the law against another member in the group you are leading(eg defamatory, death threats, bully, intimidation etc). What would you do? or should I rephrase that as what do you think is the right thing to do? Would you a) Act

Malaysian Law (edited - last part)

Section 499 of the Penal Code provides for the offending act on defamation. The other is the cyber laws. Some people are just too dumb to leave proof around to get screwed.Maybe you guys should read it before posting things which aren't true about someone. This goes particularly when you actually name that person by name or nickname. Things on the internet can't be removed that easily mind you because some would stood there for years and they might be back to haunt you. Cross the line then be prepared to face the consequences. Some people just like to play it big and they stand to lose out big under this act. Under Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, I think paying 1k in fine for everyday could be a small amount for someone(that's if you have the money to dump into the dustbin). I got this from a lawyer friend. I also found out that US laws(which most blog sites are from) are tough on all these too and under their law, they are complied to give a copy of the original po

The journey home(Part 1)

I know this post would be long so I will just separate it into 2 parts. The other reason being I should be doing my work instead of posting this up and bloody blogspot doesn't allow me to post anything for the past 12 hours else this would be posted yesterday night. One of the foreign students ask me how to go down to Midvalley by bus and how long would the journey take. The first question that I asked him back(don't know why but this is my reflex answer) is "You mean the actual time you are in the bus or the total of waiting time and the journey there?". He stared blankly at my eyes and ask me if it makes such a huge difference. I don't blame him because he doesn't travel much in Malaysia. He hasn't tried waiting for the bus for over 2 hours when buses just speed by without taking passengers. Some just off the display before they even reach the station so that they need not bring passengers. These are one of those days which I wished I would just drive ag

Why are people afraid of love and commitment?

Someone asked me this question today. Seriously I am quite blur as I have not slept the previous night when you asked me this question so I guess I owe you an answer here. Some are afraid to love because they are afraid of getting hurt. Some better person are afraid of loving someone and be loved in return because they are afraid of getting hurt and also afraid of hurting the other person. It happens often in life. You may ask why two people who are loving each other can't be together. That is because one side is not brave enough to take the risk. There are just too much unknown across the line between friendship and love(relationship). Some crossed the line and found that their life is full of colors while some just traded their freedom for hell (hell hath no fury like a woman scorned lol). Anyway, you need to access the situation and see if you are ready to bring things over the line. Once you are sure, you just need to talk your partner into it. Don't come blame me when some

To Kel (Read this ASAP)

Hey, I know how you are feeling now. I have been in the same situation once. I know it's hard to see people you tried to help dying. It's even harder when you blame it on yourself when you can't help but just to stare and watch them die. I don't know if it's a mistake on your part or not but whatever it is, don't be hard or yourself. All your team mates are worried about you when you go missing like that. Please go back to the HQ and let them know you are alright ok? If you need someone to talk to, I am always here for you. Trust me when I say I know how you feel because I have lost peoples who holds dear to me. I should be the one feeling sorry because I put you in this situation. Anyway, get in contact with one of the members in the mission. No one else can help you unless you are willing to take the first step to talk about it. I would suggest you speak up on how you feel during the sharing session everyday. It helps you ease up on things. The first thing you

Happy Mid Autumn(Mooncake) Festival everyone

HAPPY MID AUTUMN/MOONCAKE FESTIVAL EVERYONE (though I am lighting a candle for a different purpose here in Malaysia if you know what I mean and another for a friend who is currently missing after going out on duty)

1st post (The other post is not counted as it's a disclaimer)

Finally I have started on this blog which has been left idle here for over several years. Some might noticed that I deleted everything from the missions I have went on and others. That is a part that I would leave behind due to the painful experiences. The multiply blog had been converted to my private blog. Anyway there ain't much to see there actually. Just some old pictures and I am planning to take it down in due time. I am still busy with my stuffs, so expect less posts than before till I have cleared things up. To those Red Cross members who are currently on missions around the world, "May your god(s) keep you guys safe in whatever you do and wherever you guys may be". And to the one lady who hated me so much so that you describe the hate as a hate to the core, I would suggest you speak to people who are my true friends to know me more. I wouldn't explain anything to you because it wouldn't change your perception after all. Just a word of advice, at times ob

Introduction (The 10 commandments or rules like someone suggested)

1. If you are unhappy with what I write here, do leave a comment. If I find your comment worth my time and effort to rebut(Eng not Mal), I will approve it and reply accordingly. Else you always have a choice not to be here at all. No one is pointing the gun at your head to be here. 2. If you are here to spam, be warned that I have users activity log and I would have your IP address, Name, Address your line is registered to and even your country. You can guess what I am going to do with that information. Legit comments would be entertained and your privacy respected. If anyone crosses my line of tolerance, you would definitely pay duly. 3. Do not judge me if you don't know me and for those who ask me not to judge you because you feel I don't know you enough, I would expect the same from you. 4. I don't like explaining things even when things are against me no matter how innocent I am unless I am forced to do that. I am comfortable with who I am and I can sleep knowing what I
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