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Happy Chinese Dragon New Year 2010


Journey Back KL

What could a guy on the bus sitting next to a big guy who is snoring so loudly that the eardrums is having problems listening to even the music over a stereo headphones do with a camera on hand? No, I am definitely not gonna stuff my expensive lense into his mouth... So this is what I did.. I found an interesting kid seated in front of me to be my involuntary model.. Curious kid... peekaboo Seriously this kid reminds me of my hyperactive and curious childhood.. *Chak He was making noise in the bus and guess what happened? The mum just stuff his mouth.. That doesn't really stop him. Just like when I was young and energetic For about 2 hours the kid had been climbing up and down.. Finally he is tired.. He slept for like an hour. First thing he did when he wakes up was to peep behind... Last picture taken before the sky turned dark... Brings back those good old memories...

Baiyok Thai Restaurant Review

I know this post should come up earlier but I was very much caught up during the weekends. I was invited for an eating session to Baiyok Thai Restaurant by another blogger about a month++ ago.. Located in the Heritage Club opposite Penang Sports Club, this hidden restaurant would not be noticeable by passer by unless you are a member at the Heritage club,  They are open daily and free WIFI... A variety of drinks selection here from the lemon grass water to coffee and fruit juices.. PLA RAD MAKHAAM(Deep-fried fish topped with tamarind sauce) The fish head... KAI YANG(B.B.Q. chicken with dipping sauce) GOONG KHAI DAENG(Finger food- deep-fried bread with prawn and salted egg) MIANG PLA KRAPHONG(Traditional appertiser-deep-fried seabass cubes, condiments and sweetener wrap with wild betel leaves(daun kaduk) ) The above was wrapped and so called the correct way to eat them.. It comes in these 2 original plates... This dish is definite to clear your ears due t

Lighthouse Coffee review

Ask anyone around what is the first name that comes into mind when you ask them about coffee.. Most would say Starbucks but after I visited this cafe, I found my true passion in coffee and learned things I never did know in the first place visiting Starbucks since my secondary school days.. And yes that is very long ago and I am old I know that. Do you know that coffee brewed at the right temperature and right way is sweet on it's own? Did you even know that there are specific amounts to follow to a certain temperature and duration makes all the difference in the coffee you sip? Heck, even they way you drink makes a difference... Even the way you roast the beans makes it different... This is what I have learned on my visit here.. The owner gave us an impromptu coffee appreciation class... Located at the hidden corner around Bishop Street intersecting with Beach street and part of the Logan Heritage Building... I was actually given the chance to get to know coffee better as part

Behind 50 review

If there is one place I would hang out and be stuck in the "olden days", it would be this cafe. It's name is unique in a sense that behind 50 doesn't mean that it's really pre 1950s but it is named so because it was the shops address which was behind lot No.50 which was split into front 50 and behind 50. about A few minutes walk from the front door of Cititel Penang where you just walk straight along the road facing the front door. Located in the intersection of love lane, stewart lane and muntri street. GPS Coordinate 5.419693,100.336745. Here's a look of the interior. Yes there are 50 pictures hanging on the wall.. The Penang Heritage Food Trail Banner!!! So, why did I say stuck in the olden days? Typical Chinese would understand why. Look at the cupboard below. I used to see one of these in the olden days when my grandmother was still alive. This kind of cupboard was the source of food(freshly cooked or leftovers) whenever I was hungry as a young hype
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