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Ocean Groove with Maestro Ning SkySymphony Show

Thinking of where to go and where to bring your kids this coming school holidays? Why not come on up to Resorts World Genting for an exciting all new winch show with a 360 all around large display Ocean Groove featuring Maestro Ning, the sea turtle musical genius conducting a deep ocean orchestra in an original composition? Wanna know more? Read on.. Brought to Resort World Genting by Genting Studios, The Ocean Groove with Maestro Ning lasts for a good 5 minutes which is sure to captivate your imagination of under the sea musical life. Mr. Brian Machamer, Senior Vice President of Theme Park at Resorts World Genting and Regis Brown, Deputy Managing Director of Genting Studios mentioned that this show is a brilliant example of how Resorts World Genting constantly set new standards in entertainment by seamlessly weaving together CG animation, music and the magic of technology to produce a magnificent production. The combination of paring the very best of Hollywood studio anim

Selera Malaya Iftar Buffet @ The KL Journal

Yeap, It's that time of the year again when our muslim brothers and sisters fast for an entire day and eat only when the sun goes down. But wait. Where do you eat with comfort? Where to get all the food under the same roof but at the same time it must be delicious too. Look at those juicy satay BBQed to perfection served with peanut sauce, nasi impit, cucumber and onions. Look no further as this is where I would bring my friends and family this Ramadhan. Read on to find out more... Malaysia food is what we are all blessed with and proud of so what better themed than "Selera Malaya" showcasing all the foods from around Malaysia right? Just good old traditional food over a cup of bandung or cincau in a comfortable "Kedai Kopi (Journal)" Start off with our favourite rojak mamak with thick peanut sauce. Or get some ulams to tickle your senses Next scoop the flavoured rice and head on to the next dish Juicy succule

Dine up high Ramadan Buffet @ KL Tower

When we talk about KL Tower the first thing that comes into mind would be the marvelous view at the top which offers a 360 degree view of the KL Skyline. What if I tell you that things just went better where you could eat your hearts out this coming Ramadhan while enjoying the lovely sunset with your loved ones at near 300 meter above ground? Wanna know more? Read on.. Known at the tallest publicly accessible tower in Malaysia, dining at the top of this renowned tower would be the best experience but wait, what is the best time to dine there? Sunset which of course coincides with the buka puasa timing of course which would run from 21st May to 12th June 2018. Enjoy the view while waiting for the last light of the day before you break fast. Sunset! Dine with your loved ones with this romantic view of the KL skyline just next to you and it's halal by the way. Ok I guess everyone is sold on the marvelous view part, let's head on to the food part. W
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