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BBQ Chicken Kelana Jaya Review

Heard of this Korea's No1 Chicken Restaurant? But wait, why does BBQ chicken doesn't have any Barbeque Chicken dish? That's cause it stands for Best of the Best Quality Chicken. So how did they fare in terms of place, quality and food? Read on to find out..  I visited their branch at Kelana Jaya PJ just behind Giant Hypermarket for this review invitation by KIPLE which is an app that allows users to get discounts, exclusive offers at merchants while pay using the e wallet function. Also check out the reviews of places for dine and shopping too. Ok Let's get back to the place The place features a fully air conditioned dining area comfortable for lunch and also dinner. For starters for big eaters like me, we start with their salad. The sous-vide chicken salad has it's chicken vacumm cooked for 24 hours under low heat to retain it's juice paired with fresh greens. The health conscious could even have this as their main. Next comes the Kimchi

Child Aid Asia's Magical: A Concert By Youth For Youth(Charity) @ KLPAC

Did you know ChildAid Asia Malaysia is organizing a concert to provide underprivileged children with an education in performing arts? Yes.. It's gonna be held Tomorrow and on Sunday at KL Performing Arts Centre . What are you waiting for? Go get your tickets and support the children lah.  Dunno how to get the tickets? Tickets are available at a minimum donation of RM100* for Saturday and RM 50* for Sunday and it can be obtained by contacting either one of our friends at Kiwanis Damansara: 1. Ju lia Chiam: 016-3333681 2. Wei Tang: 016-2062121 Showtimes: 26th August 2017 (Saturday) 20:00-22:00 27th August 2017 (Sunday) 15:00-17:00 Apa tunggu lagi? Go do your part and donate to this charitable cause and you get to enjoy the concert 😉

Bacon & Brews Uptown Damansara Review

Couldn't get enough of bacons or too lazy to cook em yourself? Remember and longing for that salty crispy texture that fills the mouth with exploding juices? This is just the place for you! This review was made possible by KIPLE which is an app that allows users to get discounts, exclusive offers at merchants while pay using the e wallet function. Also check out the reviews of places for dine and shopping too. Ok Let's get back to the place Located at the first floor of the shop lot row opposite Texas Chicken, Bacon & Brews offers comfortable and spacious dining experience. For me it's romantic enough for a quiet evening date or when you just want to relax and have a cup of coffee or tea to chill. They serve unique floats(p.s. there are those with waffles) and other smoothies that is sure to freshen you up. Other than that they also serve Japanese imported cans and bottles For me? I prefer the hot tea for the relaxing evening. N

Kellaw's Travelogue: Concise guide to driving in Bali

Well, you have booked your hotels for your trip to Mystical Bali. Now what? How the heck do I get around? Is driving easy? Do I rent a Motorbike or a Car? Would it be wise to get a driver? What about license and which side of the road I would be driving on? Is it easy to find my way there? So many questions. Fret not, this is why I wrote this guide. Surely if a monkey could ride here, so would I right? Nah.. Trust me when I say you wouldn't be the first to be shipped out in a box nor would you be the last. Ok, let's start with some real simple facts: Bali, Indonesia and most of the countries in South East Asia drives on the LEFT side of the road and always uses a RIGHT hand drive car(you could always import a left hand drive) If you are from Europe, you need an International Driving Permit(IDP) along with your home country driving license. You could always get one from the police station but never ever drive without a license(at your own risk) If you are fro

Lucky Cuisine Sichuan Steamboat Review

They say a family who eats together stays together. My preference? A steamboat meal where all the family members gathers around the hot pot and eat while chatting together. But now we have an issue. Where to eat? Fancy an authentic Sichuan Mala Steamboat but don't know where to find it? Missed the numbing effect of the spices in the mouth? Look no further.. Introducing Lucky Cuisine's Sichuan Mala Steamboat in Kota Damansara! It's a double story fully air conditioned restaurant where there are private rooms or if you want a steamboat party, you could book the whole of the top floor. You could choose from a variety of soup but the Sichuan Mala has been the most popular choice of them all. Alternately you could choose different soups to cater for kids or those of them who can't take spicy soup. What I like about the restaurant is the ingredients served are prepared fresh to order. Pork slices are sliced as you order. Just thin enough so
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