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Korean BBQ House Setapak Review

Always a fan of Korean BBQ and couldn't get enough of them? Feel the A la carte Korean BBQ is a little tough on your wallet? What if I tell you that you can now eat all you want Korean BBQ buffet for as low as RM 25 nett/pax? Read on to find out more Located in PV128 Setapak about 10 minutes drive from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College's main campus, you could see the banner from the main road. They also have another branch in Kota Damansara near Encorp Strand Mall For Setapak branch, it's directly next to the lift at the first floor. The shop is big enough to handle a medium crowd for guests to dine in comfort. Yeap, unlimited BBQ pork belly, chicken, steamed egg, sliced pork, pancake and kimchi soup to cook the juicy sliced pork/ramen/udon. You could also get refill of sides. Did someone say unlimited kimchi with salad??? The noodles selection is not the local brand of ramen and they also provide udon for guests. The ramen is one

Sweat it all out with ease even when you are watching a movie

Ever wondered if you could sweat it all out even while you are watching TV and eating chips at the same time? No, not in the sauna. Who would eat chips in the sauna anyway? That calls for BBQ chicken wings on the hot rocks(Note: I am not responsible if you destroy the sauna room). Nah, I am talking about JonLivia's ActivPants S+ and Activ Hot Belt which helps me to sweat it all out and keep in shape. Those who know me would know that as a food blogger, we always eat and sit hours on end to edit pictures and blog. So what naturally happens? One would get larger calves and flat butt... This is made worse when we work in an office with little to none walking around needed. So how do we keep slim? How do we sweat it out without lifting a single toe? If you are on light walks, jogs, hikes, how do you maximize the sweat loss and calories burned? That was my main concern at the time before I got to know about JonLivia I started to jog in the gym with the ActivPants S+ and just

Delicious Mutton Curry recipe made easy with Mak Siti Spices

Those who know me personally would definitely know that I love mutton curry over any other curries and you know what is the hardest part? Getting the perfect recipe, mix and thickness. But then again us working adults would be too lazy to cook and it's definitely time consuming to buy the individual ingredients. Why mutton curry you may ask? Trust me when I say this spicy dish is to die for. I could take a whole tupperware of this, order a roti kosong or 2 and eat it together. Maybe toast some bread and dip it in or at times just eat it on it's own. It's like Asian steak with gravy and the vegetables(I often use potato and carrots) as sides. =) So what is the recipe? Raw Ingredients: 500g of boneless mutton cubes (1 frozen pack) 300g of potatoes (About 2 potatoes) 300g of carrot (About 2 carrots - Optional but I like mine with carrots) 400ml of fresh coconut milk (1 coconut or use creamer if you want it to be "healthier") water to simmer t

Terminal B Cafe Review

Those who know me would know I often travel around and most of the times finding good food. Why else would I work so hard and deprive myself of good food right? So I stumbled upon this cyclist friendly cafe. I know there are quite a few in KL and Selangor but in Malacca?  It's actually a cafe inside a hotel with the same management. This is the main entrance of the cafe and the backdoor is the hotel lobby. So now cyclist could not only eat, they could also spend the night at ease when they cycle pass Malacca. The "Backdoor" aka hotel lobby which also leads into the cafe so it doesn't matter if you are at the front or back Yeap they have just recently opened and what's more is that cyclists gets 10% off! For those who wants just a quick bite and then freshen up to continue on their journey, they provide free shower so you could stay refreshed. The inner? Bicycle/Cyclist themed cafe sure got bicycle lor right? Then we have the orname

GINTELL Father's Day Promotion

Was working real late with bad posture lately in the office and well father's day is nearing so I went to the nearest mall near my house to see what I could get for my Papi. Then I pass by GINTELL. Holla BUY 1 FREE 1 with Big Brother Simon Yam pic in front of the shop. Then the friendly staff asked if I wanted to try. Guess what I did next? Duuhhh.. Of course go give it a try first la. It's a very much needed massage from all the long hours of sitting in the office.. Imagine having one of this permanently at home. I feel I would be sleeping on them as they are real comfortable. And with the buy 1 free 1 promo, maybe my parents would have a good one too =) Things I like about this GINTELL DéWise Care butterfly massage is it's automatic sensing, You know some of us are real tall while some slightly less blessed. Imagine it 's supposed to be massaging your neck but is now wacking your head? That would be a complete disaster. With this chair, it senses where
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