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Rapid KL LIED!! TIPU!!

I have been a Rapid KL user since the days of Intrakota and Star LRT. Yes, that roughly tells you how long I had relied on public transport to move around KL. I mean the infrequent train and the rise in fares had affected me in a bad way but it's still bearable. The cost of taking the bus home had risen from a mere RM40++ for RM2 daily bus pass to RM100 for a bus pass. This doesn't include the train rides I take. To make it worse, they boast LIED in their brochures that "SAVE 50% on fares when you buy passes". I think the brochures should be rewritten as "YOU PAY EXTRA 100% on fares even when you buy passes" or "WE EARN DOUBLE FROM PASS SALES". Well I still lived on with it despite having to wait for hours at bus stops for buses which seems to always have their display light malfunctioned, looking at buses passing by and not stopping at all, enduring dirty buses, bear with abusive rude drivers who scolds passengers "bodoh", "babi&q

Hannah Tan charity concert with something "indecent"

Yes I know this is 1 week late but with my sucky connection, I am glad I could finally post this up. Yes count the lack of a DSLR in too. I never bothered to edit my pics as they are too hard to edit now. Right now I will let the pictures do the talking. and yes the best thing is somewhere in between if you are looking for "it". Slowly find la you guys. hahaha. See the red pass over there? It's what got me stuck in the front doors for half an hour. Just because someone forgot to put my name on the list...-___-" Yes in the end i got it and I am in with the media pass(so called vip lo) See the amount of people? Scared yet? Outside the hall. Still a lot of people there The kids which this concert was held for A video to start the concert The opening host Pietro Felix and..apa nama... damm I forgotten. So screw streamyx. Remind me if you remember ya? Shawn Lee beat box performance. No need drums. Just a mike will do. He has the portable drum in his throat. See how many p


Wishing all my readers a Merry Christmas!!!

Avatar Review

Yes I know I should have come up with this during the weekend but the weekend is full. So last Thursday I went for the Avatar screening courtesy of Nuffnang. Yes I watch it for free! but..but.. the screening starts at 9.30 and ends at 12.30. By the time it finishes, I took a cab all the way home from 1 Utama and the cab fees came to about 50 bucks. Yes I know I can watch the movie twice in 3D and still have enough for a decent meal. WARNING! Not so Spoiler ahead So what's the big hoo haa about the movie? Well lets start off by saying it's the most expensive movie ever made to date. So what's the movie all about? It's setting is somewhere in the future where space travel was common and humans screw up the earth so much so that they need to get new resources called unobtainium (the name is a hint of what will happen later in the movie) from another planet. Somehow they manage to find this distant star 4+ light years away and it has an earth like moon(I mean earth LIKE ca

Samsung Jet S8003 vs iPhone 3GS

My friend in the office who owned an iPhone 3GS had asked me to write up a fair comparison between the 2 phones. The Samsung Jet is said to be the iPhone 3GS killer but is that so? I took my friends phone and played with it for the whole day and here is what supposed to be a fair comparison between both phones. In my opinion from the review of both phones, I found that there are certain features which are better than the other. This is a rough guide on the comparison. Be reminded that mine is a Samsung Jet S8003 and not S8000. In terms of camera, the iPhone has a 3 mega pixel cam compared to the Jet's 5 mp camera with dual flash and anti shaker which I think isn't functional from the blurred pictures in my last post. The battery and talktime is nearly the same so there is no need to mention about both but there had been sites which offers a better battery life on he iPhone. We didn't test till both phone runs out of battery so I can't be sure of this. In terms of size a

A Chip Off The Old Block - 巴不得爸爸 episode 8-13 downloads

The Episode links here Episode 8 Episode 9 Episode 10 Episode 11 Episode 12 Episode 13 Note: The links provided are hosted from a third party server and is found using a search engine. I do not host the movies nor am I going to be responsible for the content and misuse by users. Go click on my ads if they are suitable for you while waiting for the movie to download. Yes, it's an order.

Samsung Jet Review

It's nearly 2 weeks now since I get my free Samsung Jet courtesy of Samsung of course. So what are the goods and bads of the phone? We will get to that in a while more. In terms of weight, it's just a little heavier compared to my old obsolete Samsung SGH-U700 which I had been wanting to change because the slide motion keeps on killing the ribbon. Of course Jet is so much lighter than my old brick sized Nokia N-90 which had expired it's term of service before I got the UGH-700. The new Jet has the much needed Wi-Fi in today's wireless environment. I don't need to rely on the old Wap to get connected. Just hop on to anywhere with Wi-Fi connection and I am good to go. For places without Wi-Fi, there is always the good old Wap with an extra that the phone supports 3G also. It comes with it's own browser. One bad thing I hate about this browser is that there is no close button. You might think you have closed it and start using your camera only to realize you have t
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