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G Hotel Penang Taste Cafe Review

Having a headache thinking what to cook, which dishes to cook for which relative, where to eat this coming Chinese New Year when you get back to your hometown in Penang? Think no more. Why go through all the hassle, pain of buying and getting ingredients from the ever packed, no parking market? Just bring your family out for buffet at Taste Cafe G Hotel Penang. Afterall the Chinese New Year dinner is about reunion dinner. You could save the time from all the peanut butter strawberry traffic jam of Penang and the cooking time and instead spend quality time while enjoying a hassle free Lunch and/or dinner over at the cafe. The health conscious relatives could start off with the cold platter, salads or keep themselves busy over at the salad bar. With the variety of food, even the pickiest kid in the family would find something he/she would love to have at the cafe. Their best stop is the grill station which serves freshly grilled juicy meats cut on the spot by the chef and

VR Lab - Experience the Virtual Reality with Video!

Ever thought of seeing something as real as it could get but it's not true? A reality where you could experience visually a different world or even build something new such as a Christmas tree? Or a place you could explore earth on the other side of the globe, visit the places you have always wanted to be at? Introducing VR lab. A one stop solution to get away from current reality They are the first to provide a room scale virtual technology experience in the country. Priced at an affordable range, they also have branches in SS15, Bandar Sunway, Menjalara Kepong and are opening more branches in places like Kota Damansara, Wangsa Maju and Publika Just wanna try out before playing whole thing? Try walking the plank.. Green room is something new.. You get yourself into the video and save a copy of it =) Ok enough of those.. How did they make it possible? They are using the HTC Vive in all the rooms for the best experience. Trust me when I s

Gather Gather Kitchen Review(Kota Kemuning)

Ever felt that you missed your home's food cooked by your ever loving parents or even grandparents and once you moved out to town to work or study, you never really had the chance to get them as often as you used to do? I found this little place in Kota Kemuning (albeit a little far) that cooks potato fried pork like what my late grandpa used to make them. From the main street, it's a single shop in the middle of the street. Soft Yam Stewed to perfection paired with pork ribs is one of the good dish they serve best with steamed white rice. Chicken marinated and cooked with Three Spice taste a little like kung pou chicken is another must try My personal favourite the potato fried with pork! Then we have the deep fried lotus root covered in salted egg yolk. Full of flavour on the outside and juicy on the inside. This is another favourite of mine. Their own cooked nyonya sauce spread graciously on freshly steamed fresh stingray. Just spicy and tasty e
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