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Something funny at the bus station

Note: Yes this is another bus station saga sequel but it's a funny one. While waiting for the bus today, I realized something really funny. Stop staring at the picture will you? Where do you find pigs in KL running around getting humped by a dog. If you don't stop staring I will get my dog to hump you instead. hahaha. Ok back to the story. I saw the condition below. More like it right? Then there was this mother who was bringing her son to school waiting for a bus. The son asked the mum, "Mummy, what are the 2 doggie doing? The mum had a look and was shocked so she answered her son, "They are just chatting. You know mummy always hug daddy and chat on the sofa? Dogs don't have sofa so they hug each other and chat". Now comes the fun part. An European guy passed by and snooped listened to the mother and son conversation. He just tap at the small kid and tell him, "Your mummy is lying to you." The boy then turned to his mum and looked at her. She quic

Murder at the bus stop

Yes, murders are committed at the bus stop and the killers scooted free there after. What is worse is that these murderers kill their victims slowly torturing them to their death. I think this situation will continue to be worse because no one would bother to nab these murderers. All these murders happen right under our eyes. So what can we do? Sit there and wait for another murderer to pass by and kill us all or do something for a change? Are we going to be a civilized society or what? Before you guys hammer my head asking which murder and which news station, newspaper or tv showed the murder, I am telling you that it's not a murder where someone get a gun at the back of your head and proceed to empty a whole magazine of bullets into your head. Nor is it a murderer who comes to you with a knife to end you up in a bloody mess. I am talking about those smoking murderers. You may ask why I call them murderers. "Isn’t it too sarcastic to call them murderers?" says one of my

Don't take the risk

With the recent Easter passed by to commemorate Jesus's death and rise and the news I read yesterday which says Malaysian pilgrim and missionaries(no la not that sex position ok?) being barred from entering Israel to Jerusalem(Malaysians are barred but the pilgrims can always get special permit to enter. Yes this is something a lot doesn't know). So I came up with this new joke. No pun intended for those religious extremists ok? It's just for laughs. A man, his wife, and his mother-in-law went on vacation to the Holy Land. While they were there, the mother-in-law passed away. The undertaker told him, "You can have her shipped home for USD5,000, or you can bury her here in the Holy Land for just USD150." The man thought about it and told him he would just have her shipped home. The undertaker was surprised and asked, "Why? Why would you spend USD5,000 to ship your mother-in-law home, when it would be great to be buried in the HolyLand and also so much cheaper

@$$holes will always be in charge

Finally I have some time off to update this blog. It had been tiring and busy all the way for me. Top that with the amount of dinner I had and the little time I can have to spend in the toilet. Well it all led to constipation problems. Anyway just the other day, my friend was telling me how his boss were an @$$hole nowadays. They don't even have a say at the direction the company is going nor do they get to know where the company would distribute budget to. So from his story and mine, up came something. Yes my mind is always twisted. Too bad lol. The organs of the body were having a meeting, trying to decide who was in charge. Each organ took turns speaking up why they are in charge: Brain: "I should be in charge because I run all body functions." Blood: "I should be in charge because I circulate oxygen for the brain." Stomach: "I should be in charge because I process food to the brain." Legs: "I should be in charge because I take the brain where

132 silly things done? With a twist of course Part 4

If you haven't read the previous parts, they are at Part1 , Part2 and Part3 Level 13 Had / Have Braces (cosmetic surgery le) Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night (and end up with cough, flu, fever, headache an asthma the next day?) Danced in the moonlight (jump up and down like a monkey waving for a bus better le) Level 14 Hated The Way You Look (you mean someone other than myself?) Witnessed A Crime (and do nothing like an average Malaysian?) Pole Danced (bus stop sign post count?) Questioned Your Heart (heart ah heart why must you beat 70 times/minute and not 400/minute or 5/minute?) Been obsessed with post-it-notes (label everything including the one next to you in bed) Level 15 Squished Barefoot Through The Mud (then burn it in fire and make a leg shaped pot. wuahaha) Been Lost (can't join the cast of the movie la? too long for filming) Been To The Opposite Side Of The World (you mean hell? you don't need that when you are working in one very day) Swam In The O

If you plan to leave anonymous comments around

note: This article is to give an overview of the topic and the author is not responsible for any misuse of any portion of this article if you decide to break any laws. Every now and then, I am sure some would get spams on the comment box. Some gets hate comments. How do we deal with that? Be online 24-7 to delete them as they come in? I choose to moderate comments, log details of visitors and not have a chat box for obvious reasons but at times, some people just don't really use their brains to think before they act. Instead, they use their butt to do the job. That is when they just leave an obvious trail leading back to themselves. Cool? I came in this morning and found a friend complaining about someone leaving a hate comment of his blog. Now, imagine if you have one hate comment like this taken from the site with the IP address next to it. Two-faced | Why don’t u just fucking die already? From ???, 2009/04/12 at 8:38 AM What would you do with the

Meaningful Video

Here is something meaningful I would like to share with you guys. Someone sent this to me but I just can't recall who. Look I have short term memory loss from all the stress I am under lately.

132 silly things done? With a twist of course Part 3

Go for Part 1 HERE , Part 2 HERE and Part 4 HERE if you haven't been following this blog closely. Level 9 Jumped Into A Pile Of Leaves (and get your ears pulled and forced to sweep everything back into place again?) Gone Sledging (i prefer tiring - use tires instead of sledge la) Cheated While Playing A Game (you mean throw the ball from full court when the other players doesn't expect you to do so? I consider that halal lo) Been Lonely (expected la when you lead a different life than others) Fallen Asleep At Work / School (some bosses/lecturers/teachers have this special ability to hypnotize everyone lol) source Level 10 Watched The Sun Set (why must watch sun set can't watch moon set mea?) Felt An Earthquake (no feel one how?) Killed A Snake (you mean go Thailand and order the Seh Dam? and then drink the blood?) Level 11 Been Tickled (kuci kuci. Like that count?) Been Robbed / Vandalized (vandalized? You think I am a public phone is it?) Been cheated (everytime we go bu

Crimson Room

roughRecently found this game from HERE out of boredom from all the bloody assignments that keeps on coming overlapping the others. Hey you can't blame me for needing something to stimulate my brains ok? The game is actually created by Toshimitsu Takagi It's actually a game where you are locked in a room with a pretty girl and you have to find the solution to bed her and get out of the room. Where to find this kind of game else where wo? First you close the curtains, move on to the cd players to put on music, then move on to the bed. Yes there is a bed in the room to make life easier for you. Next you have a personal movie projector just for the romantic scene. Still not convinced? Go play lo. I will come up with the solution for you guys later. So what you waiting for? Waiting for the girl to drop in your own room is it? I drank too much last night. What time is it now? So thirsty. The bed doesn't seem to be the one I usually sleep on. Is this a hotel? No, it doesn'

132 silly things done? With a twist of course Part 2

I know I know. I haven't been updating this blog for a while. Thanks for the support guys. I know some stalk my blog on a daily basis. Bad news is my mum is in hospital for surgery on her back bone. So expect me not to blog that often. Good news is this would be the second installment of the silly things. Go HERE if you haven't read the first part. Level 4 Had A Crush On An Older Person (you mean the auntie or the grandma in the old folks home? Would you want to try on a lady like the picture below?) source Skipped School (legally to represent the school?) Slept With A Co-worker/Classmate (never eat and shit at the same place. never heard of the proverb mea?) Seen Someone / Something Die (mosquito count? or the bettle you fried with a lighter?) Level 5 Had / Have A Crush On One Of Your Facebook Friends (no facebook le. So how?) Been To Paris (go Paris also silly ar?) Been To Spain (Spain also? Sigh) Thrown Up From Drinking (drank stale milk and throw up count?) Level 6 Eaten S
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