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Ramadan Bufet Selera Kampung @ Mines Beach Resort

It's that time of the year where my Muslim friends starts asking the annual question: Eh this year mana sedap berbuka? Nak tempat sedap, nak tempat relax, kalau ada tepi pantai lagi syiok dan best... Ooooo.. I have just the place.. Berbuka tepi pantai pulak tu. Mana? Mines Beach Resort lor! So what's the menu and price like? Trust me seratus pun tak payah! Mana Mana? Sabar lah Kambing Golek! The best part of any Ramadan buffet for me is definitely the kambing golek for sure. Look at those juicy whole ribs! And then there's the Gulai Kawah. Ps The duck(itik salai masak lemak) is a must try.. Grab their freshly made murtabak, roti canai or roti john and dip them in Bubur Lambuk, another of the must have in Ramadan Bufet Ulam-ulam and salad bar for the various selection of cold salads and pasta. p.s you would find the Malaysian favourite fruits rojak here too Grill your own Satay! Feel you would grill a better satay than the chef? This is the time to show yo
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