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Mobile Youth Unconference Asia 2010 VVIP passes giveaway

Are you one of those youth who can't leave your mobile down even for a second? Are you one who tweets, msn and facebook on the go? Wanting to have your views heard on how should mobile technology should have been? Look no more! I am giving away 6 VVIP passes to the Mobile Youth Unconference Asia 2010 which will be held in TPM, KL to 6 lucky people who could comment BEFORE 11.59pm 2nd MARCH 2010 and tell me why they should be given the passes here. The 6 best answer wins the passes. So what are you waiting for? Post away, make sure you are free on the 11 and 12 of March and start praying. The VVIP passes are NOT ON SALE. You can read more on the conference HERE( Note: Please include your email and name in your comment in the following format just so I could get you guys. This giveaway will be closed at 11.59pm 2nd March 2010. You can submit more than 1 comment but only 1 pass will be given! name: eg. sakai email: sakai at hotmail dot com Updates: The list

Wacoal Sensuala Calender Girl Search(nosebleed pictures)

Note: This post is rated PG-15. Siu di di and Siu mui mui please get your parents permission before going over this post. I will not be held responsible if any of those small kids reading this post asking their parents, "Ma/Pa why that jie hie wear so little clothes and sexy one?" It all started when I get 2 invites to the Wacoal Sensuala Calender Girl Search at Mist Club Bangsar from a good friend, Simon chui sui(simon blow water) . Ok don't ask me where the other invite went. You will know soon. The center of the walkway. Yeah we have a big screen showing teasers. Oi stop looking at the screen on the top right corner. You will have the chance later. This is where my other invite went. To my darling. See how many of you can actually bring your gf to a bra fashion show and not have her kill you when she hears about the idea? All the hamsaplou photographer getting their guns cameras ready Our emcee for the day. Can't remember her name but can only remember she tortur

Funny: Free Mamak Wifi part 2

It's been sometime since I blogged about the mamak around my place. Read the old post here . The chinese new year had made most shops close for the whole duration so no food for dinner. So as a poor fella I relied on the good old mamak lo. So it's been some time. Now they really have "wifi near the tree". The problem is if I am gonna use my laptop for a long duration, I need electricity right? So I asked the mamak. Me: Neh, wifi kat pokok takde elektrik ke?(neh, wifi at the tree with no electricity?) Neh: Lu duduk kat pokok dulu, nanti wa cari untuk lu.(you sit at the tree first. I will find for you later) Me: OK! 5 minutes later. Neh: Dey tambi, sini(hey, here) *the fella pointing to the back of the tree. Me: Wuah pokok keluar elektrik ke? (Wuah. The tree generates electric?) Neh: Yaya!! Want to know how the tree generates electricity? Here .. ... ....

Happy Chinese New Year


Of Bloggers, Tweeples and Company's Conscience

The string of events and happenings after the Nokia event and an incident in Saturday's Digi D'tour had me thinking about this for some time before i decide to blog it out here. If you don't know what happened at the Nokia X6 Launch go HERE . About the Digi event which was excellent, there is a session where the staff shared that there were blogger events where bloggers are invited to attend and one of the participants actually asked if the bloggers were somehow paid to write only good things about a particular company. At least the participant now knows that there are still bloggers who blogs with a clear conscience. At least this is what he said about me. Well I would say not all bloggers can be bought by money or items. At least I know I am not one of them. If an event/product is really good, I would write good reviews and also praise it even when I need to fork out money to get it. If an event/product is bad, don't expect me to write good stuff about it even if you

Nokia Comes With Music X6 Launch Fail

I am sure many of you have read blogs, articles and maybe the newspapers on how successful the Nokia Comes With Music X6 launch event is. I know of a few who even blogged and showed videos of the event. No I am not here to give you the same type of posting like previously done. Like the old saying there's always 2 sides of a coin or there is always 2 sides with different view. So now you have heard about the other side, I am here to give you the different side. To me, the event was a failure. Want to know why? Read on. First there is the advertisement all over the place saying they will sell 66 units of X6 at RM66 on a ballot basis which will be given out at 7 on that day. Next we know it on that day itself around 2.30 we get news and tweets saying the ballot numbers are given out. Click on picture to enlarge. There are more when tweets gets forwarded. Look at how the peoples reacted. Some of us rushed there. Yes including me. Guess what happened next? Yes damage control mode. It s
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