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Xiaomi Mi3 3 months down the road. Still the killer?

So it has been a 3 months journey now after getting my Mi3 from the first batch flash sale in Malaysia. How did the phone flare in comparison to my old HTC Sensation XE, Ninetology Z1 and other phones? Did it give me much headaches? Note that this is not a boring specs post but more of a user experience post. If you want specs, go find uncle Google =) Simplified minimalist packaging. Phone in box, Manuals and the Sim tray pin right under the phone(see the flap just below the phone), cable hidden in the side of the box. If till now you still fail to find it, go do a lion king shaking the box till kingdom come and follow the source or the noise. First batch comes with extra sim trays to cater for different sizes and also the charger. I ordered mine with casing and screen protector. Fits perfectly on one hand. Not too big, not too small. Just nice. How did I end up with this phone? My old Sensation XE is dying and is lagging despite the flashing and stuff. I am tight on budget a

Tree Bar @ G Hotel Penang "Not just a tree, it’s a bar"

Do you know there's this new hangout spot in Penang which was recently opened in the Gurney area? Yes it's Tree Bar at G Hotel Penang. Not just any tree bar but it's the only Tree bar where you could sit next to the tree and chill out with your favorite drinks. The best time to visit this place? Right after work around 6.30-7pm when the sky is still bright but not hot, cold and breezy till late at night. Dip into the selection of draught beers available: asahi, connor's, stella artois, Löwenbrau and Hoegaarden. The current promotion is buy 1 get 2 free before 9.30pm and buy 1 get 1 free after 9.30pm. There's also a wide selections of cocktails available to choose from like this Atlantic Breeze at RM24 My personal favourite is their Mojito Breeze, mixed with rum, mint leaf, lime, brown sugar & soda water at RM24 Want something to go with the drink? Didn't have your dinner and want something to chew on but wanted to be healthy at the s
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