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Peugeot Members’ Club Launch

If you are a current owner of a Peugeot or planning to get one, don't miss the chance to join the Peugeot Members' Club. It's recently launched in their Butterworth Blue Box 3S concept service center recently. If you are not yet a current owner, what are you waiting for? *All Peugeot models come with a five year warranty with unlimited mileage.* Anyway, Just one great news for frequent travellers, the world’s first Peugeot Lounge was recently launched at the Subang Skypark Terminal, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport this year. It operates from 6 am to 9 pm daily offering delectable light treats and beverages, Wi-Fi and Internet services, Astro TV entertainment, flight information display, newspapers, magazines and other reading materials, meeting room and VIP room. Peugeot owners visiting the Peugeot Lounge only need to present their boarding pass for outbound flight on day of use along with their Peugeot Privilege card or Peugeot car key to enjoy those

Healthy homemade burgers at 43 Cafe (Non Halal)

 Thought of having some burger but you are health conscious? Afraid of eating something too salty, oily or even carcinogens from the charcoal? Fret not. This little gem located at Sungai Dua hidden from view unless you know where to find it offers the homemade goodness of iron grill, oven grilled and also baked burgers. First off we have the fork pork burger where the pork was cooked for a gruesome 8 hours to give it the one of a kind taste. Next up we have Big Boy... This baddie has a thick and juicy flame grilled patty in between the soft buns. Then we have the oven grilled pork pork... Just nice for for the ladies... What is not to miss from this home cafe is their HOMEMADE Ice Scream that would make you scream for more... It's a must try and flavors are changing all the time but I could tell you no where could I get smoother ice cream. Environment: 3.5/5 (Clean, quiet, corner house home business) Service: 4/5 (Blogger friendly, big boss on the grill himsel

Peugeot 3S Bluebox Penang

I have been invited to visit this little gem which is a blue box in Butterworth Penang the last weekend. So what is so special and what is a blue box. The first of it's kind in the Northern Region, This 3 floor blue box incorporates what we call the 3S which is Showroom, Spare Parts and also Servicing. The showroom is located on the first and second floor. Yeah! They have lifts just to get those cars up there thus it's a whole lot more bigger than any normal showrooms giving you the preview of more cars. Here's a look at the top floor showroom They also have 6 service bays catering for service and repairs for around 20 cars per day You could actually monitor them working on your car from the glass panel at the luxury of the fully air conditioned second floor. Ever find it hard to get imported spare parts for your imported cars that the shops tell you that they need to order it for a week or two? Fret not, the spare parts are all ready in house for your genera

G Hotel Sesame + Soy review

When you ask someone about eating lunch and someone suggested a hotel, I always get the answer that all hotel food taste the same. Well I was having my business lunch at G Hotel's Sesame + Soy and found that that saying is not entirely true. Sesame + Soy, a Pan Asian Chinese Cuisine restaurant offered me something more than the usual lunch at busy and noisy places I have my lunch at. The quiet setting is most valued when you are meeting someone over for business or even when you just want to have lunch quietly with your partner, out from your busy schedule or hectic day. The menu changes weekly where you are given a soup and dessert of the day, the selection of 2 out of the 8 dishes available and complimentary Chinese tea for RM38++. The Black Fungus soup of the day was served as a starter. I was not quite fond of Black Fungus mostly due to the taste before this but decided to just give it a try. What I found was that the soup was quite tasty with a touch of chicken bo
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