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Heineken Star Serve National Finals 2019

600 Bartenders across 8 Cities in Malaysia, only 1 Winner to be chosen to compete where it all began, Amsterdam the home of Heineken, along with the winners from across 192 Countries at the Heineken Global Bartender Finals! The Malaysian Finals was held at S'mores Jaya One Who will be the best of the best to represent our country? For over 6 years in the running, Draught Masters and Heineken Star Serve professional trainers under Heineken Malaysia Berhad’s (HEINEKEN Malaysia) Star Academy went around the country to teach the perfect serve “HEINEKEN Malaysia’s Star Academy prides itself on ensuring that consumers get to experience the full Heineken quality and experience, from brewing to consumption. This rigorous training programme ensures that Heineken fans receive a world-class serving no matter where they are. To refine the art of the perfect serve is a skill that only true ‘star’ bartenders can deliver,” said Vasily Baranov, Sales Director of HEINEKEN Mal

Experience Ultimate Refreshment with Tiger Crystal at KL's coolest bar

Did you know there's a new beer in town available all across Malaysia now? One that is more refreshing as it's filtered at -1 degree Celsius making it a smoother, more crisp and less bitter brew. Read on to know more on the launch and where to grab your Tiger Crystal for the ultimate experience.. The launch of the Tiger Crystal took place at The Square, Publika Mall The public got to claim their free bottles for the 2 days launch event To introduce the brewing process, the public got to enjoy the brew in KL's Coolest Bar, a specially constructed sub zero cold room Inside, we were introduced to the new unique brewing process For the ultimate experience we get to enjoy the all new Tiger Crystal brew in custom made ice block hewn glasses. Cheers! The night continues with more music by the live band and performances by Ryot Jones, An Honest Mistake, Kaya, DJ Bunga and others So what is better than enjoying Tiger Crystal in it's col

Truefitt & Hill : World's Oldest Barber now in Palace Of The Golden Horses

Getting my hair cut has been one of the more personal moments for me. Where else do you sit for hours and let someone else get so close to you in your most vulnerable moments? I was trilled to know that London's finest traditional gentlemen barber and perfumer is here in Malaysia cos I have always wanted to know how royals get their haircuts. Want to know what service is offered and where it is? Read on to find out more... Started in 1805 by William Francis Truefitt, he quickly establish Truefitt & Hill as one of the finest barbers and wigmaker of which its gentleman's wigs was most sought-after and worn by the King himself. Throughout its history, Truefitt&Hill had had the honour of serving the Monarchs of Great Britain throughout nine consecutive reigns and over the last 195 years, it held many Royal Warrants Guinness World Record for being the oldest barbershop(and some says the best) in the world and what more a befitting place for their latest outle

Mi 9T Malaysia Launch & Unboxing: The Terminator Phone?

Pssst.. Agent B(Bee for Bunny) dropped by last week to collect their accidentally misplaced all new Mi 9T and forgot to neuralyse me. So here I am risking my life to bring you the news of the Launch which is about to take place in Malaysia. I managed to do an unboxing, took pictures of the phone and dug the top secret price. Want to know more? Read on... The Mi 9T or in some places it is known as the Redmi K20 is codenamed T for Terminator and is rumoured to Terminate all its competitors. So we are here to find out if that is true. It comes in 3 different colours, namely Carbon Black, Glacier Blue, and Flame Red with the latter to be released at a later date.  So what's inside the box. The usual warranty and manual books, The 18W charger and USB C cable, the recent good addition of a casing and the Phone of course.  It sports a 49MP AI Triple Camera(13MP ultra wide + 48MP wide angle + 8MP telephoto) with a 6.39 inch Amoled Display with in screen fingerprint sensor
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