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Why You Must Watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens in TGV Cinemas!

There used to be this saying by an old wise guy that goes about "Do or do not, there is no try". So watch this movie, you must! Now that we are done with deciding to watch this biggest phenomenal movie of Year 2015, the next question would be "WHERE?" My personal selection? It's very obvious choice.. TGV of course. They are the earliest to show this movie as the US show starts only on the 18th. Yeap the force is strong with them and they are the first cinema in Malaysia to show the movies All Night Long starting from 12.05am till 6am on the 17th of December 2015 right after midnight of 16th. Be among the first in the world to watch this movie.. The last I checked, there were still seats on this special screening. Fast go on to " " to get your tickets now. You wouldn't want to feel left out when they talk about this movie in class, office or mamak sessions right? Im

Mi Note 64GB Global ROM Review

Wonder how did the Mi Note 64GB fare? Yeap. Start of with the unboxing video. What makes it so special and with the motto ahead with the curve? First thing I did with the Mi Note, set it to the Malaysian Mi Community theme. The first thing I noticed when I lay my hands on it is the curved 3D glass back fitted with gorilla glass 3 on both front and back. A quick comparison between the size. From left to right Mi Note, Mi4 and Mi4i, The Mi Note spots a bigger display for a good reason which I will tell you why later. It has a 5.7" Sharp/JDI full HD display at 386 ppi(Pixel per inch) It also spots a Dual 4G SIM Dual Standby(one micro one mini) which makes it much easier to switch between lines without switching phones. So you think that the pricetag of 1549MYR for a phone fitted with 64GB internal memory and a 801 processor 3GB RAM and maybe a few special function like the Night Mode, torch mode when taking pictures at night(torch is on and not the

TGV Cinemas D'Pulze Cyberjaya Opening

Quite a few of my friends who works in Cyberjaya say's that although it's a technology city but it seems dead when it comes to entertainment and food. Guess what? With the newly opened D'Pulze mall and the cinema, they can't really complain anymore. From the 13th to 16th August, TGV actually had free screening for selected movies in conjunction with it's opening. There were 8-bit roadshow activities throughout the day of which you could win movie passes. Games ranging from shooting the baddies, puzzles, video games, picture booth, stick on note board As part of the bloggers & medias invited, Screening of Pixels with a glow in the dark Pixel tshirt! Now imagine the crowd glowing in the cinema? Upon entering the hall, I noticed the seatings were much more spacious and comfortable than other cinemas. I guess it has became a norm with TGV cinemas with larger leg space for a more comfortable movie experience. Whole row of reserved seats just

Xiaomi Mi4i Hands-On Review

As some of you already would know, Mi4i would be officially launched on the 21st of May in Malaysia but even when it's launched less than a month ago, there are quite a handful of people who have been asking on the capabilities of this phone. I have the privilege of getting a unit to test prior to the launch and here are my reviews. Note: I loaded the Mi Malaysia Community Theme created by Brother Arif so the UI will look different(depending on the theme you put in). I find it only suiting to use these theme in conjunction with the Mi Malaysia Birthday today and also the launch. First off, it's the first Mi phone that runs on Lollipop(the latest android) with MIUI 6 built on top of it. It also spots 2GB RAM and the second generation 64bit QualComm octacore processor without the heating issue in the first generation. Full matte back which for me is a good grip. I would say it's a good build. Light in weight and thin(still no bendgate in tight jeans for the 4 da

TGV family friendly sessions

Ever having the problem of getting cockstares by other people in the cinema when your kids run around or when your baby cries in the middle of the show? Fret not, TGV recently launched their family friendly sessions in 1 utama on weekends for families who are facing this problem. Yes they also provided diaper changing area so you don't need to get out of the hall and miss the show Ticket price for parents is only RM7/seat and kids below 12 watch for free . Yes... Kids watch for FREE!  Book your tickets through their website I think I need my mum to bring me in as a kid real soon... =)

Mi Hi-Fi Headphones 50mm Review

Well about 3 weeks ago, I found in my hands something that might or might not even arrive in Malaysia. Yes the set of Mi Hi-Fi Headphones 50mm Beryllium Driver that many are asking. Several are fortunate to lay their hands on it for testing during one of the Mi meetup in Johor. Some few in KL adhoc supper meet-up. So how did it fare? It comes in a box with a pouch, the headset black leather zipped casing and the instruction papers. The back of the box with technical details like all other mi products Finally the casing out of the box The Headphones and the over the ear cups Here you see the wires (comes with microphone to be used as handsfree, the over the ears cup and also on ears cups attached to the headphones. Now to the wires, the microphone comes with a button which could be programmed on Mi phones using MIUI. The jack and the plus comes with the aircraft/plane adapter jack. (Yes this means I get to play around with this in the plane) Beryllium

Freshly steamed Dim Sum in Selayang(Non Halal)

Ever avoided having Dim Sum for breakfast because you feel they are too expensive, not fresh or just the same old traditional ones? Recently I have been eating in this quite often. For one single reason, it's freshly steamed after you chose what you want. They also have assorted fried items. The most distinct in taste is the bacon one. Bacon wrapped in meat, prawn and fish paste. Freshly steamed "Har Gau" aka Prawn Dumplings. Full of prawns and worth every cents Vege Mai, Vege wrapping fish paste My personal favourite (although my mum always ask me to have less) Bacon rolls. Steamed Bacon wrapping fish paste, prawns and pork. More varieties of what they serve. Go and have a try of your own. Fresh and variety is not the only thing. The price is very reasonable/cheap. On top of that you get a lucky dip for every RM50 you spent(subject to change) where prizes are cash vouchers ranging from a few dollars to 50 or even some big prizes like
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