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Would I go back to Krispy Kreme? Yes!

If you do not know what happened previously go read HERE . Today I met with their Senior Operations Manager and their Assistant Marketing Manager regarding the complain I made. Yes I am serious. I thought my complain just landed somewhere in the recycle bin till I got an email from them yesterday telling they would like to meet me up with me today. I was like "Oh sh!t, Are they gonna eat me up?" Comes out that they are quite nice and sincere people when apologizing for what I went through. Never expected such sincere apologies from a down to earth service oriented cheerful Senior Manager. Never expected anything from them actually but just to let them know what happened so that it wouldn't happen again. What I least expected was a Senior Manager to turn up to have doughnut and coffee breakfast for this. Well his apology came with an acceptable explanation. It's the logistic(New outlet ma. What you expect? Give chance for them to improve la) and the manager in charge g

Still wanna go Krispy Kreme? Read this and think twice

Read this before even going over to the Sunway outlet. Seriously they need to improve on their service and customer service. Yes I am a nice person and there are limits which I could tolerate. I told myself not to blog till I finished all my assignments. Yes I have stopped blogging ever since the horde of assignments came in. The opening ceremony itself had already left a sour taste in the mouth of a lot of existing/potential customers. I didn't want to blog about this but well I just can't stand it anymore. 1 bloody week over and no good answer? So I will just vent my frustrations here. I went to the newly opened Sunway outlet on Monday(19th) morning to grab a few for breakfast in the morning. I arrived at 10(actually much earlier than that) and the main gate is open to show that the outlet is open but there are no doughnuts on the shelf which is the start of my disappointment. Wait lo what to do? Wait till 10 still no doughnuts. What was more disappointing was the staffs ther
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