Wednesday, September 2, 2009

RM 5 Best Pregnancy Control Method

What could RM 5 do for you nowadays when the economy is so bad. To some, it's not even enough for a meal at Mc D while to some it means a week's worth of bread. Yes I have known people who ate bread for the whole month and surviving on RM 25 with plain water and bread. We are much more luckier than a lot so to say.

RM 5 could also give you the world's fastest pregnancy control method. No it's not a pack of condom. Anyways condoms are not 100% safe either. So some clever guy invented this genius way which is sure to help control pregnancy before it happens. Come on, RM 5 could mean a life an death matter here. Imagine your girlfriend or well mistress getting pregnant. So RM 5 is considered a cheap method.

Scroll down to see

further down faster

Tadaa!!!. There you go the world's fastest pregnancy control method.

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