Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pulau Payar Coral Reef Platform Marine Park Trip

As some of you have noticed, I haven't been blogging for the past few weeks. This is due to my hard disk crashing after a drop. Had to extract all the pictures bit by bit and thus the lateness of posting causing a backlog of posts. Anyway back to the topic, the Payar trip I had courtesy of Langkawi Saga Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd with a group of bloggers. Have you ever felt like vacations, lasting several days or even weeks are taking too much of your time that you decided to skip it altogether but wished to have a relaxing getaways from life? Well I am going to provide you guys with the solution. A one day holiday trip package to Pulau Payar. Want to know more? Read on...

Early morning view at Port Swettenham, Penang where you are going to board your Ferry to Pulau Payar.

Yup. This is how it looks like in the morning. Magnificent?

The tower while you wait for the ferry!

The ferry. It's a near 2 hours ride but I am sure you would enjoy the whole ride there.

The wristband that distinguish you are coming from the Penang group

Leaving Penang island
The sea and the skies. Not to mention the cooling breeze of the wind.

Nearing Pulau Payar. It's actually an island situated to the south or Langkawi which still retains it's virgin forest. It's a protected forest area thus it's safe from development of any kind. No hotels.

The island jetty and stop

The coral reef platform where you would dock on for your activities.

The view from the platform

Briefing session by the staff: "You will be on your own out there. Only you and the fishes!"

The platform has an underwater observatory too. It's a mini underwater world.

See the fishes with the coral reef background? That's where I am headed too after the observatory visit. Anyway this is a good place for those who doesn't swim

The group of blogger friends I had with me on this trip.

The snorkeling gear and light machine(camera). Oh did I mention, they also have diving packages for those who are daring enough to try and for those who wanted to get closer to the underwater life.

The fishes in the clear water. That's where you are going to swim there.

Lunch is a buffet style eat all you can meal.

Next you get a boat ride to the island for a surprise. See the clear waters heading towards the island?

Picture taken from the docking jetty leading to the island. This is so that the boats doesn't damage the coral reefs which you can see are aplenty around the beach area. less than 20 meters and you have the coral reefs in front of you.

Platform walkways for those who wants to enjoy the greenery instead of only the beach.

Just to show you how clear the waters were. This is around a meter deep.
The waters are actually clearer than Redang in comparison.

The view from the island. Even in this picture you can see the underwater reefs.

Yup! This is the surprise I mentioned earlier.. Sharks! These are black tip sharks and no I am not joking when I said you can play with them.

Just be a little careful when you play with them. Make sure you are not bleeding anywhere else... well I will leave that to your imagination...

For the less adventurous ones, You can always sit at the beach and enjoy the scenery and cold breeze.

For the brave ones, you can always opt to swim with the sharks. Yes, I went in to have a swim with the sharks there. This is as far as my DSLR goes.

The corals. I kept struggling to keep myself afloat to get this picture... It's over 2 meters deep and yet you could see the coral reefs crystal clear.

After the island trip, you will head back to the platform where you get to swim with more fishes.

Remember to bring some bread to feed the fishes. Here you see a whole loaf of my bread for the fishes. Look at the amount of fishes?

This is the platform for those who doesn't know how to swim. It enables you to get close to the fishes without literally needing to know how to swim.

Feeding the fishes my leg... and yes they do bite your feet albeit not piranha kind of bites.

You can also spend time looking and ponder upon the slow calming scenery there on the platform.

One last picture before heading back to Penang.

The group shot which was "stolen" from one of the bloggers. Hey I loaned my tripod for this ok? Hahaha. From left to right with their blog links on the trip: Ray(owner of this pic), Kean Hooi, Kelvin, Me, Sherming, Calvyn

The souvenir? Compare with one of the earlier pictures of my hand and you will know what..

This trip had been courtesy of
Langkawi Saga Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd
16, Jalan Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
Tel : 604-899 8822

Do contact them for more info on the packages available.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Droidpad review

I was invited for a bloggers review on CSL's latest android codenamed the droidpad last Saturday at Gurney Plaza. Being a tech enthusiast, I went for it to see what they had to offer.

Regional sales deputy manager, Wee Jit introducing the pad...oops I mean droidpad to us.

7 inch Multitouch capacitive screen

Documents to go...

The group of bloggers during the introduction session

Review and hands on

Then came their maskot. Reminds me of ET don't you think so?

Google maps app

The group of bloggers waiting patiently for the announcement of a droidpad winner

This is the prize!!!

So how did they pick one out of the 20 bloggers to win it?

Basically you pick a girl... No... not to bring her home... Just to pick one goodies bag from them

And open the bag.. Find something that looks like this(as apple tan gestures)

The proud winner of the droidpad

She didn't introduce herself to me so I will just name her as the "form" girl cause she is walking around collecting forms from all of us.

The other "form" girl

This is what is inside the goodies bag I got.

So after all the crap and distractions or should I say attraction?, now the serious stuff. So what is it about this phone and how it did in comparison with the other phones or pads...

  • It's an android - That speaks for itself with all the apps you can download and errmmmm crack?
  • It acts as a router
  • Cheaper than ipad or if you prefer it to be a cheaper version of ipad.
  • High standby time
  • Documents to go - Like Microsoft office...
  • The size is in between an iphone and ipad. The problem starts when normal user feels the iphone is large but thinks it's the largest acceptable pocket sized phone. At 11cm width, it will need a cargo pants to hold one. I feel I wouldn't want to put it into a bag to carry around just to make calls.
  • 512 RAM and ROM, 600MHz - Slower processing than most of the phones I had(Comparing to the Samsung Jet that I had for over a year now). The graphical transition isn't that smooth.
  • 3mp camera. Smaller mp compared to most smart phones which comes with standard 5mp build in camera. No flash???
  • No wired handsfree. Relying on bluetooth headset or loudspeaker(batt consumption).
  • 3.5g HSDPA
  • Dual camera
  • Wifi
  • Touch screen
  • Loudspeaker
I doubt this is able to take out the ipad market anytime and CSL being a new company, had much more to do in market research. Only thing I can think of is the price of the unit but I would call it a tablet instead of a phone. Carrying around for simple work related matter is Ok but not hardcore computer tablet replacement nor a phone replacement. It's like an animal caught in between being a chicken and a duck but neither one. Like what I said to one of the bloggers, it's a nice additional thing to have but it's not a must have. I think the engineers really do need to decide if they want a phone or a tablet. Combining both will be futile unless it can really do better than what both a phone and a tablet can do. I know the people in CSL isn't going to be real happy over my review but this is my honest opinion. Take it positively and use it to drive and strive to do better in the next model release. Consider integrating USB ports....
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