Tuesday, February 10, 2015

GAB CNY 2015 Roving Activity Penang

Somehow I don't feel the Chinese New Year mood yet this year.. Till I get the invitation to join in the GAB CNY Roving activity in Penang where I finally felt the festive season. Organized by GAB as their way to give back and reward their loyal customers. The same event was help throughout several states in Peninsular Malaysia

How could a chinese new year party go without Lion Dance right?

The night started with the lion dance when the lion goes around and everyone grabs the opportunity to touch it as it symbolizes prosperity for the coming year.

The lion comes with mandarin orange

Caught in the act of robbing the lion before tossing the yee sang.. Hahahaha

There were fun and games with lucky draw vouchers for those purchasing 3 big bottles to win one of the 15 prizes which range from beers and also gold plated Fu Lu Shou set worth up to RM1000

We were entertained by singers while having our dinner and beer. Oh wait there is also another promotion going. With purchase of any big bottles from 5th Jan to 28th Feb, one may stand a change to win one of the 100 pure gold worth up to a million or other prizes sucj as 800XRM388 filled angpow packets.

Cracking up of golden eggs to reveal what they have won

Winner of the Gold Plated Fu Lu Shou.
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