Monday, October 26, 2009

Would I go back to Krispy Kreme? Yes!

If you do not know what happened previously go read HERE. Today I met with their Senior Operations Manager and their Assistant Marketing Manager regarding the complain I made. Yes I am serious. I thought my complain just landed somewhere in the recycle bin till I got an email from them yesterday telling they would like to meet me up with me today. I was like "Oh sh!t, Are they gonna eat me up?"

Comes out that they are quite nice and sincere people when apologizing for what I went through. Never expected such sincere apologies from a down to earth service oriented cheerful Senior Manager. Never expected anything from them actually but just to let them know what happened so that it wouldn't happen again. What I least expected was a Senior Manager to turn up to have doughnut and coffee breakfast for this. Well his apology came with an acceptable explanation. It's the logistic(New outlet ma. What you expect? Give chance for them to improve la) and the manager in charge got fired for this. Sigh. I never expected to break the rice bowl of another person so now I felt bad about it but that is the way the world is. What we can do is we learn from mistakes and rectify them.

When I arrived today, the staffs really look different. In terms of friendly's and service oriented. I felt so much at home today compared to what happened previously. It somehow relieved me of the frustrations I had the previous week. To top that up, I am touched by the sincerity of the humble Senior Manager. Hey since when does Senior Managers meet up with customers just to apologize? I started to think, if say all the people in any service industry would be to be like him, I think business would really prosper but then this is what that really differentiates them from the rest. After today's session with them and the change I saw in the attitude of the staffs, I would definitely visit the store again.

Yes the sugar rush to the brain is energizing and the coffee makes you refreshed. One advice. Drink your coffee before you have your doughnuts. Else you would feel that the coffee has no sugar. Hahaha. For me it's ok because I often have coffee without sugar. The bitterness keeps me awake more than the caffeine does anyways.

And NO! I am not paid to write this up lol unless you take having latte and doughnuts for breakfast on them as a bribe. Hahaha. And I mean it when I said I felt bad that the fella got fired for this. Maybe they should give him a second chance. I think he would do his duty better this time.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Still wanna go Krispy Kreme? Read this and think twice

Read this before even going over to the Sunway outlet. Seriously they need to improve on their service and customer service. Yes I am a nice person and there are limits which I could tolerate. I told myself not to blog till I finished all my assignments. Yes I have stopped blogging ever since the horde of assignments came in. The opening ceremony itself had already left a sour taste in the mouth of a lot of existing/potential customers. I didn't want to blog about this but well I just can't stand it anymore. 1 bloody week over and no good answer? So I will just vent my frustrations here.

I went to the newly opened Sunway outlet on Monday(19th) morning to grab a few for breakfast in the morning. I arrived at 10(actually much earlier than that) and the main gate is open to show that the outlet is open but there are no doughnuts on the shelf which is the start of my disappointment. Wait lo what to do? Wait till 10 still no doughnuts.

What was more disappointing was the staffs there are busy cleaning up(sweeping the floor and wiping the tables) the premise but where are the doughnuts? Shouldn't the cleaning be done the previous night or on a worse case be done before opening the premise? Shouldn't doughnuts be on sale when the doors are open? I asked and one of the staff told me the doughnuts are not there yet. I felt like asking the staff "What the f*ck do you mean that the doughnuts are not here yet?". Where are the f*cking doughnuts then? I saw another guy sitting inside which I assume is waiting for his doughnuts too.

Then after 15 to 20 minutes, I saw the doughnuts are here in their green casing. The staffs are then busy preparing them. After a while I walked in but the staffs are too busy to entertain me and continued with their preparation of doughnuts. Yes, a few others and me are treated as if we are invisible. I waited for a bloody half hour outside and this is how customers are treated? I feel like screaming NIAMAH!! on the top of my lungs.

Finally I got fed up and gave up waiting to be served so I headed for Mc Donalds for my breakfast instead. RM4 is so much cheaper. You get unlimited coffee refills too. Before I left I can see that the staff there are still wiping the shelves busy putting doughnuts out while those waiting are still looking at them doing their job. If the store is not ready to serve doughnuts then don't bloody open the door and make your customers wait for over half an hour but not serve them where the doughnuts are there. Do the cleaning before opening and not during or after opening. Get the doughnuts done earlier or open later.

Talking about service and feedback efficiency, I sent an email on Monday to their email which I think still goes into the recycle bin at the end of the day anyways. Yes the Asst Marketing Manager did reply me on Thu at 1 am in the morning asking for my contacts. I gave but still no reply from them or any calls from them for me to vent my anger. So why bother waiting? Blog about it to vent my frustrations better.

Talking about the opening. The event was already bad enough. Read them here and here.

Edit(26/10/09) - Felt so much better after the apology I got from them. Read what happened HERE.
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