Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Something Fishy is going on in G Hotel's G Cafe on Friday evenings

What? Seafood Feast BBQ Dinner Buffet. Sounds fishy enough? Imagine this.. The sound of Fish oil dripping on the grill, marinated catfish grilled to perfection with slightly crispy skin, juicy and tender on the inside.

Part of it's One Day One Theme, Many Varieties dinner, happening every Fridays, G Hotel brings in the freshest seafood to the grill on a buffet style. One not to be missed by all seafood lovers.

Large enough to cater for a group gathering, party or even a romantic setting quiet dinner for 2.

What more can you ask for? Huge and spacious for privacy yet good enough for Family dinner.

The best part? You choose what you want on the grill.

For Japanese food lovers, there are also a variety of fresh cut sashimi and sushis to choose from.

Mouth watering sashimi all you can eat.

Daily carvery features the ikan bakar. Definitely a must try.

My personal favourite, the Crab Curry Kampung style..

You could also opt for their cold seafood which consists of Mussels, Prawns, scallops and a few other and pair it with your favourite sauces.

For those on a (Healthy)"diet" before starting on your main course, there's also the salad bar with tons of fresh greens to choose from.

Assorted hams and cheese...

Did I mention CHEESE??? Yes, cheese and crackers is a must try too. Perfectly paired with a glass of red wine(beverage menu which is excluded from the buffet)..

They also offer a variety of ready cook dishes such as this lemon chicken with almond flakes

Freshly cook noodles. If you want your noodles even fresher, you would have to cook it yourself.


Finish off with tons of desserts to choose from. Cheese cakes!!

Chocolate fountain to dip your favourite strawberries or marshmallows or even some chocs over your cakes. So many to choose from you would be spoilt for choice.

At this juncture you should be full right? Wrong.. You still have some place for some 100% all natural ice cream from Gelatomio.. Yes unlimited helpings of ice creams and you choose your toppings from nuts, choc chips etc.

I seriously can't wait for Fridays to come now that I have something to look forward to.

Priced at RM108++, Kids below 12 eat for free, Senior citizen above the age of 60 gets 50% discount. The cafe serves dinner buffet from 6.30 pm to 10pm.

Other buffet days includes:

Monday: Experience Mongolia with buy 1 free 1 promotion.
Tuesday: French Bistro with lady diners getting half price
Wednesday: Oriental Buffet with Vietnamese Five Spice Duck
Thursday: Mediterranean with Flavours
Saturday: Steak and Lobster BBQ

Friday, April 25, 2014

Curiosity kills the cat - CALIMOCHO @ THE WINE SHOP Penang

Curiosity kills the cat? Why? Cause I tried this cola called curiosity cola from Fentimans once and now I am hooked for life. Some time ago I was invited to try this drink called Calimocho at The Wine Shop in Penang. For those who do not know what it is, it's actually a mixture of wine and cola in equal proportion served with ice in it. The blend? Perfect and not to mention best drink on a hot warm day. Not too sweet, not too alcoholic. I was wondering why they didn't bring this to Penang much earlier.

The cola used was imported all the way from the UK by Exclusivetea Sdn Bhd. What makes it one of a kind is that Curiosity Cola from Fentimans was botanically brewed. The taste is not as sweet as any other cola in the market but it brings back memories of those cola candy I once had when I was still a kid.

We were also served The Wine Shop's famous dishes, oven fresh "vegetarian pizza"

Best wine pairing "Cheese Platter"

and juicy and tender "Bacon roll"

Back to the Calimocho drink I was talking about. It's actually an equal mixture of Autorita Merlot of Chile and also Curiosity Cola from Fentimans.

Calimocho or Kalimotxo originates from Spain and was prepared by Spanish youths during traditional "Botellon" parties.

Being a wine lover, I have never tasted something like this before. I have tasted Hard liquor mixed with cola, wine mixed with berries but never this. The experience has got me hooked up somehow. It could be the taste of the mix or just the cola that brings back fond memories of yesteryear.

The Wine Shop is a shop with 2 floors. Best for social and private gathering or even just when you need a sip of wine alone with a book. The environment is not too noisy and more of a high class environment.

The amount and choice of hams and salamis could put any of the supermarket to shame.

Not to mention CHEESE!!! What better food to pair with wines other than cheese eh? The armada of imported cheese is humongous. Even some of the cheese that I have long sought after could be found here.

Their cellar like interior does definitely gives you the comfort while sipping your favourite glass of Merlot..

Monday, April 14, 2014

Edo Ramen Gurney Paragon(Non Halal)

Fancy a bowl of piping hot hand made fresh Japanese Ramen with a just a tiny fraction of the cost compared to going all the way to Japan for authentic ramen?

Why not head down to Edo Ramen in Gurney Paragon? With menu price starting from only RM9.9. Serving Tokyo style Ramen, this is one of the few good Ramens I have tasted so far.

Ultimate Tonkotsu Ramen RM15.9. The broth is from pork bones boiled for more than 12 hours. All I could say is that it's even better than bak kut teh! The taste is so distinct that it lingers in my head for several days.

Ultimate Miso Ramen RM16.9 for all miso soup lovers. Paired with the same ingredients which includes Char Siew, Kakuni aka my favourite braised pork belly, lava egg, naruto(Jap fish cake), seaweed, pak choy, sweet corn and garnished with spring onions.

Ultimate Black Ramen RM17.9 is a must have for all fish lovers. Japanese fish powder topped with charred crushed garlic oil is hell of a good taste minus the boney feeling.

Boiled Gyoza RM4.9/plate. Soft on the outside juicy on the inside. One was never enough. Comes in plate of 3

Pan Fried Gyoza RM4.9/plate. Uniquely pan fried, served upside down, crispy on the top, juicy on the inside. Gets better when you dip them into their special sauce.

Aburi Char Siew RM11.9 tender, succulent pork marinated in soy sauce and savoury spices simmered for hours is another must try. So what are you waiting for? I can already hear my stomach growling here..

Business hours
11am-10pm Sun to Thu
11am-11pm Fri, Sat & eve of public holidays
Tel 04 226 0961

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Passions Of Kerala New World Park

Hungry and thinking of where to eat with budget? How about unlimited refills of tomato rice with condiments(vegetables) at only 6.50/set served on a banana leaf? Hidden in New World Park itself is this little restaurant called Passions of Kerala.

They are open from 12-3PM and 6.30-11PM daily.

Tomato rice banana leaf set. Rice and vegetables on the banana leaf is with unlimited refills. The first basket of Papadom is included but refills would be charged.

The rice is served with chicken curry, fish curry and also dhal in small bowls.

Deep fried pomfret. Fresh and piping hot makes it a must try.

The other must try is the Mc Nair Fried chicken, fried to saffron brown and tasty too.

My personal favourite the Masala Mutton. Best take with the rice.

All in all the dishes costs from 5-6 for a single serving and relatively the environment is like a fine dining restaurant but with the price of your normal Mamak stall. Definitely recommended for more visits.
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