Edo Ramen Gurney Paragon(Non Halal)

Fancy a bowl of piping hot hand made fresh Japanese Ramen with a just a tiny fraction of the cost compared to going all the way to Japan for authentic ramen?

Why not head down to Edo Ramen in Gurney Paragon? With menu price starting from only RM9.9. Serving Tokyo style Ramen, this is one of the few good Ramens I have tasted so far.

Ultimate Tonkotsu Ramen RM15.9. The broth is from pork bones boiled for more than 12 hours. All I could say is that it's even better than bak kut teh! The taste is so distinct that it lingers in my head for several days.

Ultimate Miso Ramen RM16.9 for all miso soup lovers. Paired with the same ingredients which includes Char Siew, Kakuni aka my favourite braised pork belly, lava egg, naruto(Jap fish cake), seaweed, pak choy, sweet corn and garnished with spring onions.

Ultimate Black Ramen RM17.9 is a must have for all fish lovers. Japanese fish powder topped with charred crushed garlic oil is hell of a good taste minus the boney feeling.

Boiled Gyoza RM4.9/plate. Soft on the outside juicy on the inside. One was never enough. Comes in plate of 3

Pan Fried Gyoza RM4.9/plate. Uniquely pan fried, served upside down, crispy on the top, juicy on the inside. Gets better when you dip them into their special sauce.

Aburi Char Siew RM11.9 tender, succulent pork marinated in soy sauce and savoury spices simmered for hours is another must try. So what are you waiting for? I can already hear my stomach growling here..

Business hours
11am-10pm Sun to Thu
11am-11pm Fri, Sat & eve of public holidays
Tel 04 226 0961


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