Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

There you go, the movie is finally out. Son of Krypton vs Bat of Gotham, God vs Man, Day vs Night. If you don't know what I am talking about then you are most probably living in Krypton when it blew up or have somehow magically managed to avoid all the trailers, posters etc.

Want to know if it was even worth the watch? Read on. If you have watched the movie and found yourself lost some part in the middle and towards the end as a non comic reader like I am, read on too as I was lost for a while and I did some reading to explain(contains spoilers towards the end, so stop before the warning below if you haven't watch the movie yet)

So it was a Friday evening and I was off from work, dead tired, exhausted and wanted to pamper myself by watching the movie. I know there's nothing better than to watch it in an IMAX 3D hall. After searching online for seats, I gave up. I searched from MAXX ATMOS and other IMAX halls, all the nice place are taken. Those who know how it feels to sit at the front in an IMAX hall would know what I am talking about. But then I wanted to watch it so much. What did I do? Went over to 1Utama direct since it has both cinemas in a single mall for a higher chance. I looked at the queue and was like "I am definitely not gonna get a ticket at this rate". Then... Hidden at the left corner was this special empty counter

Yes. I succumbed to my needs to just watch the movie and I went for Indulge hall.

Bar serving drinks and food

Spacious dining place without the normal LDP toll queue at normal cinema counter

Variety of cakes, desserts buffet

More food!!!

The price is slightly more than the normal ticket price but seriously, for the comfort of only 32 seats per hall, no long queue, executive type lounge before movie, best seats could be chosen, being pampered with the reclining chair, in house waiter for food and drinks(chargeable) while covered in a blanket for a movie couldn't be more than what I wanted to ask for. If you ask me, I never looked back..

"The red capes are coming!". I know that some of my friends gave this movie a bad rating but honest review here. The director, Zack Snyder did a really good job bringing the characters to life with progressive story telling building the characters while at the same time laid the foundations for the coming Justice League.

Oh! You mean you didn't know the trailers showed wonder woman? The only thing I didn't get is how did she remain so clean after the battle. =)

So who is going to win? You really need to watch the movie to find out. I am not going to give you the spoilers here.

I am gonna tell you that the movie is worth every single cents you paid to watch it. It's dark, deep, very intricately directed. Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL did a great job putting the music that brings life to the movie. It amplifies the emotions throughout the movie. Trust me that by listening to the soundtrack now, it evokes feelings. That's the power of an original soundtrack. A word of warning thou. If you are looking for a superhero wins every single second, cheerful, simple movie, you probably should just stick to Marvel's movies like Capt America or Avengers. This movie is deep and I am going to watch it again at least once.

Overall Rating: 8/10
Darkness Rating: 9/10 deep emotions, affects the mind =)
Music Rating: 10/10 stops the heart, beats it according to the tune
Will I return Rating: 10/10 Hell yes and most probably for the IMAX 3D experience.
Cinema Hall Rating: 10/10 for TGV Indulge

Now comes the explanation part for non comic readers...

Spoilers Ahead! Proceed at your own risk!

If you have watched the movie, at the end of the movie during Bat's unsanctioned prison visit to meet Lex Luthor where Lex says the bell has been rung, aliens from beyond the stars have heard the call, the protector Superman is dead. Lex mentioned "He" and "Him"

This sets the stage for the next biggest foe, New God, Ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid which in the Batman's post apocalypse scene, you see Darkseid's omega sign. Then there's the dream where he saw the winged creatures called parademons which are basically Darkseid's foot soldier working with Superman which suggests Superman could have been corrupted, the next scene after Bruce awakes from this "Knightmare", he sees the flash opening a ripple in time to give him the warning that Lois is the key, further hinting that it involves Superman and asks him to find "them" aka the metahumans aka Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Cyborg(Only those named from the files).

There... That's all the explanation for the lost ones. I will not spoil it for those which one could easily understand or decipher.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Alanna's Kitchen Review

There's this little cafe that is hidden among the rows of shop houses in Pandan Indah which rumour has it, serves the cheapest fusion Arabic Food around town.

Most of the sets comes with a complimentary drink(lemon tea, soft drink etc) just like this set priced at RM11.9. Marinated and baked to it's juicy tender meat, this is definitely a catch for it's price. The specialty is the chilly sauce.

Spaghetti cooked in home made cream sauce topped with chicken sausages, pepperoni and a piece of oven crispy toast is definitely something to go for if you fancy something to the western side. Priced at 10.9

RM9.9 and comes with a complimentary drink, this is another catch, It's a fusion between western with the fries and Arabic BBQ-ed chicken. This reminds me of the tandoori chicken but healthier as it uses the whole breast meat.

Treasure of the Sea and as the name suggest, it spots a generous amount of seafood above the good old Spaghetti priced at RM12.9

Nasi Lemak Special, a dish that needs no recommendation of it's fame with a full drumstick at only RM8.9 and best of all it comes with a complimentary drink.

Grill Chicken Chop served with a choice of Mushroom or Black Pepper sauce at RM9.9

Hot Black Pepper sauce all over the grilled chicken thigh...Yummy!

Fried to crispy golden brown, the Fried Chicken Chop is another one to die for for all die hard western food lovers priced only at RM13.9

Alanna's Special Grilled Chicken. So what's so special about this is the secret ingredient marinated chicken grilled to perfection with home made garlic sauce to compliment it. Priced at RM12.9 and comes with a complimentary drink.

This may look simple but both the rice and chicken is well cooked with herbs and spices priced at an affordable RM9.9.

What may look like a fish burger is actually a chicken burger with th fried marinated breaded chicken in between a home made bun for the light eaters. Priced at RM9.9

Served with rice and a complimentary drink, this seems to be a soupy Arabic dish with strong spiced packed with flavors at only RM9.9.

My personal favorite, the Seafood Tomyum with my personal tagline "where to find a seafood tomyum at only RM9.9?". Served with white rice and comes with a complimentary drink. This value for money set really is the best bargain you could get in this hard time.

Moist, hot from the oven chocolate muffins topped with chocolate chips. There's always room for more of these.

Different choices of Cakes daily with price range of RM8.90-RM9.90. They all comes with a complimentary choice of black coffee, earl grey tea or soft drink.

So tempted to visit? Here's the address and details:

Address: No 8, Jalan Pandan Indah 1/23D, 55100 KL
Pork Free and Halal certificate is in the process
Closed on Mondays and Operational from 11am to 10pm daily
Tel: +603-92017134
Site: https://www.facebook.com/alannakitchen15

GPS 3.131185, 101.752413

Monday, March 14, 2016

Yi Smart Camera Review

Security has been a concern for many households and of late I came by this product which has been in the market for some time now, an IP camera from XiaoYi aka sister company of XiaoMi.

What made this special is the price and also the linking with Mi Home Suite as part of an overall home security ecology/package which allows access to the devices remotely anywhere in the world with stable internet connection over the phone which was signed into the Mi account.

The box contains a micro USB cable, charger, the camera itself attached to the detachable stand and the information booklet.

The functional camera which is connected

A lot of users are having issues connecting their phones to their camera and I am not saying that my guide would be the best or finite way but at least it worked for me. First off. Lets talk about the version of software it uses. If you have the china version of cam(the back QR code 3rd and 4th character is CN), install "Yi Home" from Mi Market(if you are using a Mi phone. also search keyword "Xiaoyi"). If your camera version is non China version aka international (3rd and 4th character is US/TW/KR etc but not CN), just install "Yi Home and/or Mi Home" from Google play store. Mi Home is optional if you only wanted to use the Smart Camera as a standalone without going into the suite set. Mi Home is partly in Chinese and English. As of time of writing, the English version of Yi Home I have is V

First off start up the Yi Home, sign in to your Mi Account or create one, click add camera. Plug in your camera to the power source and wait for the camera to say something like "DENG DAI....". Once you hear that, select the "I Heard Waiting To Connect" button

I would suggest trying the Wi-Fi config here as the older version of camera without the night vision would not be able to connect with QR code.

It will prompt you to the selection of routers available. Your phone must first be connected to the router for this selection. Enter the password. Note that this router and password would be used by the camera so always select your home/stationary connection and not a portable one.

If you used the QR method, you would see this screen, click next

Using the smart camera, scan the QR code on your phone.

Wait for the camera to be connected to the router which would then connect to the server and back to router then to your phone.

Once connected, you would see the camera in the front screen. Basically once your camera is connected, the connection would be from Camera <-> House/stationary router <-> server(security etc) <-> remote router(could be the same house router)/Mobile service provider internet gateway <-> your phone.

I think the screen is self explanatory. First time speaking through the camera, I scared the shit out of my puppy. =)

Expand selection screen allows you to scroll back to any time with activity recorded(requires that memory card be plugged in as the videos would be taken and saved in the card). The orange part is basically where there were activities detected. Should you need a local copy on your phone, press the take pic/video button.

There are also settings where you could set alerts to be sent directly to your phone and protect the camera with a pin and other settings.

You could also rotate your image 180 degrees and check network connection info.
After you are done, you could start your Mi Home to see the same camera connected. If you try to connect using Mi Home first, you might have an issue connecting.

Note: Always update to the latest version of firmware and app for security purposes

Pros & Cons:
+ Cheaper than most IP cameras
+ Night vision(I am not responsible for anything you do with this feature *winks) only on night vision version of the camera
+ One Account to access all security feature in the Mi ecology
+ English app over google playstore (like finally =)
+ Near real time notification of alerts
+ Energy efficient enough to be powered up by a Mi Power Bank connected to a Phone's hotspot (Just stating the possibilities you could do with these 2 combined)

- Required memory card to be saved and no information is saved on the server so if you lose your camera, you lose all the data that comes with it.
- Pain in the rear to trial and error for setup
- Voice instructions is only in Chinese

+- You need stable connection to connect remotely
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