Alanna's Kitchen Review

There's this little cafe that is hidden among the rows of shop houses in Pandan Indah which rumour has it, serves the cheapest fusion Arabic Food around town.

Most of the sets comes with a complimentary drink(lemon tea, soft drink etc) just like this set priced at RM11.9. Marinated and baked to it's juicy tender meat, this is definitely a catch for it's price. The specialty is the chilly sauce.

Spaghetti cooked in home made cream sauce topped with chicken sausages, pepperoni and a piece of oven crispy toast is definitely something to go for if you fancy something to the western side. Priced at 10.9

RM9.9 and comes with a complimentary drink, this is another catch, It's a fusion between western with the fries and Arabic BBQ-ed chicken. This reminds me of the tandoori chicken but healthier as it uses the whole breast meat.

Treasure of the Sea and as the name suggest, it spots a generous amount of seafood above the good old Spaghetti priced at RM12.9

Nasi Lemak Special, a dish that needs no recommendation of it's fame with a full drumstick at only RM8.9 and best of all it comes with a complimentary drink.

Grill Chicken Chop served with a choice of Mushroom or Black Pepper sauce at RM9.9

Hot Black Pepper sauce all over the grilled chicken thigh...Yummy!

Fried to crispy golden brown, the Fried Chicken Chop is another one to die for for all die hard western food lovers priced only at RM13.9

Alanna's Special Grilled Chicken. So what's so special about this is the secret ingredient marinated chicken grilled to perfection with home made garlic sauce to compliment it. Priced at RM12.9 and comes with a complimentary drink.

This may look simple but both the rice and chicken is well cooked with herbs and spices priced at an affordable RM9.9.

What may look like a fish burger is actually a chicken burger with th fried marinated breaded chicken in between a home made bun for the light eaters. Priced at RM9.9

Served with rice and a complimentary drink, this seems to be a soupy Arabic dish with strong spiced packed with flavors at only RM9.9.

My personal favorite, the Seafood Tomyum with my personal tagline "where to find a seafood tomyum at only RM9.9?". Served with white rice and comes with a complimentary drink. This value for money set really is the best bargain you could get in this hard time.

Moist, hot from the oven chocolate muffins topped with chocolate chips. There's always room for more of these.

Different choices of Cakes daily with price range of RM8.90-RM9.90. They all comes with a complimentary choice of black coffee, earl grey tea or soft drink.

So tempted to visit? Here's the address and details:

Address: No 8, Jalan Pandan Indah 1/23D, 55100 KL
Pork Free and Halal certificate is in the process
Closed on Mondays and Operational from 11am to 10pm daily
Tel: +603-92017134

GPS 3.131185, 101.752413


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