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Justice League Movie Premiere at Resorts World Genting

So what is the movie all about? Spoilers? Do I look like some click bait or someone who would spoil the movie? Nah. But I can tell you it's about HOPE! I am being very fortunate being the first few who gets to watch the movie premiere up here in Resorts World Genting. There are also plenty of activities held in conjunction with the release of the film here in SkyAvenue. Wanna know more about my experience and how I rate this movie? Read on!

Hope never dies.. Some of us were devastated when we found out the tickets for the first few days went all sold out in KL and I would be traveling off from KL too early to see it in cinemas anyway..

That's when hope came in the form of an email that says I am invited for the premiere screening 6000 feet up above sea level in Resorts World Genting!

If there's one thing we will never miss, it would be the Sky Symphony Show at SkyAvenue

Yeah we are always fascinated with balls and the vibrant movies.. You can read more about it HERE!


KLCC Authorised Mi Store Opening with Mi MIX 2 & Mi A1 Review

My colleague asked me what phones to get for his wife for Xmas this year knowing I am one of the hardcore Mi phone users. Thing is he would also wanna see and feel the phone physically and Mi doesn't have any physical store or is it so? I told him there's the newly opened an Authorised Mi Store in KLCC now where one could touch & play the latest phones before buying. What phone did I suggest to him? Read on to find out..

In case you didn't know, the Authorised Mi Store was officiated on the 3rd of November in KLCC 3rd floor near Starbucks

They have a special promotion for the early bird customers to get devices at RM113 cheaper and the queue started to build up even before the store was opened.

Lion Dance! What would an opening be without lion dance right?

The opening was graced by several VIP from partners, distributors and also Mr. Steven Shi, Head of Xiaomi South Pacific Region.

You get to feel, touch and play with the latest devices and gadgets and most of them ar…
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